Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005

Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005

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Messing With Parameters Can Be Fatal!!!!!

Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005, to change this parameter you need to go to the setting screen in MDI.

Put a 1 in the parameter write box.

Today we are going to change the parameter that allows us to use local subroutines on your Fanuc control.

To call a subroutine on your fanuc control. You first need to make sure that Bit 0 (SQC) of parameter 06005 is set to 1

(See yellow square.)

Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005

Oh and before you get over excited this option is only on newer controls.

Doing it on a Siemens control

Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005

Local Subs Fanuc Parameter 6005

A local subroutine is where your sub-programs are included in your main program.

Programmers like to do this because it makes programs very easy to manage. Heidenhain and Siemens controls all have this facility.

Early Heidenhain controls only had this internal way of using sub-programs.

External Verses Internal

Subroutines Fanuc Parameter 6005

External sub-programs are separate so effectively you call one program from another.

The good thing about a separate sub-program is that you can call it from any of your main programs.

This means you could use it to send your turret on your CNC Lathe to a convenient position for tool changing. When you want a safe tool change position in any of your programs you can call this up and know it works.

Siemens controls are very versatile when it comes to sub-programs and they are really easy to manage.

Parameters You may Need to Change

3203 Clear MDI Screen

3202 Unlock Program 9000 to 9999 and 8000 to 8999 to Edit

3401 Calculator Type Decimal Point or Integer

3402 G Codes that are Active When The machine is Turned On

6050-6059  Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with a G Code

6080-6089 Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with An M Code

5003 Retain Geometry when you Press Reset

3291 Wear Offset requires Key to Adjust

8134 3453 allows you to use ,R and ,C (Rads and Chamfers)

That’s it away you go.

Oh just one other thing before you go off and cripple your machine forever.

Do yourself a favor take a picture of the screen before you change a parameter. If you aint got a camera then you must have a piece of paper.

Even better back everything up.


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January 2, 2023 at 4:25 pm

My Fanuc 16MA don’t have this parameter is there a solution ? it has only 6001-6002-6003-6004 then jump to 6010


    January 11, 2023 at 3:14 pm

    Unfortunately I don’t think you can do it on that control. Try using M98 and Q and see if it jumps to an N number just to see if it works

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