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Siemens Training

I know I’m always banging on about it but the Siemens Sinumerik 840D control is so versatile. The great thing is that you can learn to use this control with Shopmill and it’s all very simple. It’s got nice graphics. Nice mmm there’s an emotive word. What I mean is the’re not bad. I mean most of the others are shite.

It’s like good when you look at how bad all the others are.

I once went out for a meal with my wife to a restaurant that she had read good reviews about. We’d taken friends with us and the meal was poor, well actually it was utter dog shit.

When the waitress came round with the usual gratuitous crap “was everything ok with your meals guys”

Oh by the way who the fuck created this trend of calling two men and two women “guys”.

My wife said “I’ve had worse” long pause …………. “I just can’t think where” . When the shock wore off we all burst into laughter.

Learn Shopmill (Siemens Training)

Shopmill is a conversational programming system (that means it’s easy and you just fill in boxes). Like a tax return without the huge bill and call from the bailiff.

If you ever used Mazatrol then it’s that type of thing.

Lots of people use CNC Machines with Siemens controls and program exclusively with  Shopmill.

It really is that good. It’s OK it, doesn’t mean your not a real man not like if you use deodorant or shave your armpits.

Fuckin hell google just warned me that real man is not inclusive language. I only put it cos I don’t think I have any female readers.

If I do have any female readers, that statement is meant to take the piss out of masculinity and is in no way meant to be misogynistic, homophobic or harmful to animals.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Shopmill is the CNC Children’s Menu.

No No No there is no compromise here everything is fully compatible with the G code type system and you can mix n match the two.

So when you want something a bit more complex or you want to confuse the boss and simultaneously impress your work mates. Just add a few lines of long hand G code programming.

The example above shows Shopmill drilling and spotting a circle of hole. Then G code programming is used to profile around the outside.

If you already know Fanuc Controls then you’ll piss this one.

There are just a few bits n bobs that are different. It’s like you just gave your control a kick in the bollocks and it suddenly admits to being able to do all sorts of other stuff you never dreamed of.

Siemens Training Longhand ISO Type Code

So we can also teach you how to create programs from scratch. This is not a healthy option (you know like making your own pizza). It’s for those tricky bits you can’t quite get the system to do. Maybe you might want to do some kind of parametric program.

Thanks for watching and reading

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