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Edgecam Training Classes

Your place or mine for your Edgecam Training Classes??

For on-site or off-site Edgecam training:

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Don’t waste your money.

Your software wasn’t cheap so now is the time to start using it.

If you are one of those people who came from a manual machine to a CNC Machine then you will remember how strange it all seemed. Something supposedly quicker seemed to take much longer.

Did you ever feel like just going back to the old manual machine cos you thought you could do it quicker?

Edgecam Training Classes
Manual Vertical Milling Machine

Maybe you actually did. Anyway it’s a bit like that when you start using a system like Edgecam. It can be very frustrating.

Edgecam Training Classes

At the CNC Training Centre we can help you make that transition. We call it “Wasting time to save time”. It means you have to spend some time not actually making anything or working.

You just learn.

Edgecam Training Classes

Using Edgecam is definitely a much faster way to program and the code should be exactly as you want it.

It is just like a manual machine versus a CNC machine the more complex the part, the more time you save. I guarantee you will never look back. But first you have to get over the pain threshold.

Programming Skills a Useless Waste of Time!

If you are already a good CNC programmer your skills are not wasted. The skills will be used in a different way.

Oh, except it just got a whole lot easier.

For example writing your own post processor for Edgecam will be an absolute piece of piss.

At the CNC Training Centre our Edgecam Training Classes take you right through from design to actual machining. The Edgecam Training Classes give you the confidence to use your software.

Often a few tweaks to your Post Processor can make a massive difference to how your programs look and run.

Don’t Know what A Post Processor is?

Oh dear you are in a bad way. Just joking.

Imagine you programmed your part in Edgecam OK. Now you want some CNC Code.

Well the post processor is the little machine that converts the Edgecam bit into CNC Code. You can have as many Post Processors as you want and depending on which one you pick you will get different code.

Any Machine or Control You Want




So once you have a Post processor for your machine and providing that machine is suitable for the part you want to make……

Away you go you can create a CNC program for it.

Wow this is great.

Edgecam Training Classes it gets Better………

Practical Classes

In these classes you can go through the whole process.

From producing a solid model…..

Right through to proving the part on a virtual CNC Machine.

Edgecam Training Classes

Associativity What’s That All About?

As part of the training we can teach you all about associativity and exciting ways that you can make use of it. Such as moving clamps on fixtures before you actually hit them!!

So if you need help with Edgecam or Part Modler look no further.

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