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CNC Programmer Training, if you are a CNC programmer looking to improve your skills or a manager looking to up-skill a workforce there is plenty on offer at CNC Training Centre to do this.

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CNC Programmer Training Class – Size Matters

At the CNC Training Centre class sizes for CNC Programmer Training are small. So there is a lot of individual attention.

The problem with a lot of training courses is that they are way too prescriptive in approach. If you look at our prospectus there is never too much detail and that is done for a reason.

CNC Programmer Training

We have all been on training courses where you got lost in the first couple of hours. Oh yea and let’s be honest here, even though from then on, you hadn’t got a clue what was going on.

You kept smiling and nodding your head like those stupid dogs that some morons used to have on the parcel shelf of their Ford Mon-fuckin-deo. (Ford Mondeo)

It’s Clever to Swear (John Cooper_Clarke Link)

Footnote: As an engineer you must have worked with one of those guys who swears so much he has to split words to fit in more expletives. I’ll add here I haven’t worked with many women but I’m sure they do it too.

A guy I used to work with once said to me “I’ve not done as well as you because I didn’t have the same oppor-fuckin-tunities as you”.  Oh, and for any kids reading, your parents lied, it is clever to swear.

Do we as engineers swear disproportionately to other professions? I mean did your doctor ever say.

“Peter, what the fucks that spot on your arse?”

My Apologies

I don’t know what you Americans do, I think it’s a British thing. I mean like a bloke smacks you in the face and you say sorry. Yes we actually say sorry.

I mean you must have done that thing where some ignorant bastard bumps into you, nocks you over and as you fall to the ground…..

You, yes you, say sorry and walk on. What the fuck are we doing here?

But we definitely have this polite way of just nodding and agreeing with everything.

“Can I cut off one of your knackers while I’m trimming your beard sir?”

“Yes, yes that’s absolutely fine cut away, I don’t know why I ever had two in the first place”

Yes Means No (CNC Programmer Training)

The one thing you learn when you do a lot of training is that yes does not mean yes and a nod of the head definitely does not mean “I get it”.

Digging much deeper and asking questions will very often reveal that the student really does not have a clue what you are talking about.

What the nod of the head really means is “just look at someone else, I’m OK piss off Dave”

The only time I get annoyed as a teacher is when people call me Dave.

My name is David, don’t call me Dave

Beelzebub Is In The Detail

Anyway as I was saying (not much detail in prospectus) therefore certain areas may take much longer than planned and we cater for this. CNC Programmer Training is like most things, without good foundation you are in trouble.

It’s like the classic thing “does anyone have any questions?”. Something I never say because if people are engaged and really getting what you are doing then they will be asking questions all along.

I mean like you sat there and waited three fuckin days to ask me a question.

You always have to take into account personalities someone maybe too embarrassed to put up their hand in front of a class and ask a question.

Knowledge Gap

The one thing that sticks out to me on my everyday travels is that there are massive voids in people’s knowledge. I blame it on the lack of proper apprenticeships and the so called “Fast Track Approach” potentially very good people jump up to positions they really are not ready for.

I have worked with designers who have never made a thing in their life.

How can you design something if you don’t even know if it’s possible to make it? Oh and what about cost, if you know about machining you will be able to design something that not only can be made, but is also cost effective to make.

Sometimes in conversation it is obvious to me that someone does not have a grasp of some basic principle.

Maybe they don’t know how to calculate feeds and speeds. Being the real diplomat that I am I resist the temptation to say “OMG don’t you even know that?”

What I do is flag up this knowledge gap and address it later with full diplomacy. I usually say “look I know you all know this but I need to cover it anyway just in case”.

I often call this filling in the gaps.

Don’t Remember a Thing I Say

I often say to my trainees “try not to remember any of what I’m telling you” First of all they think “this guy is fuckin insane”

Now that might be true but not on this occasion. What it means is you don’t need to remember five hundred G codes and M Codes.

Don’t get me started on this. One thing that really pisses me off is great big lists of M Codes and G codes. Most of the M and G codes on these lists are no more than gratuitous crap.

Here are mine, they are nice and big and there aint many. Print them off and laminate them. Stick em to the side of your machine it’s all you need.

List of useful M Codes Turn

List of useful M Codes Mill

List of G Codes Mill

List of G Codes Turn

If you do print off some massive lists of M codes or G codes. One it will take you 20 minutes to find the one you want and two it will probably be wrong. Not to mention the effect on climate change.

The truth is most M codes change from machine to machine. As for G codes they change too but half of them you’ll never use.

G794 remember to take Viagra before I leave shift.

M and G Code Tips, CNC Programmer Training

  • Small list of main ones.
  • Laminate and stick to machine door.
  • Use big letters.
  • Any unusual ones written in a program, add an explanation in brackets.

You generally will ignore these but when you need to know what they are the explanation is in brackets.

M11 (Open Chuck)
M73 (Air Blast)
M10 (Close Chuck)

For example a bar-feed program. No-one gives a flying shit what’s in here until it starts playing up.

My Point About Not Remembering

In my courses I teach understanding. For example once you know how to drill holes with a canned cycle. This is what you understand.

  1. A canned cycle stores a set of commands.
  2. The machine remembers the cycle until you cancel it.
  3. The drill rapids to a point.
  4. Drills a hole to a given depth at a given feed.
  5. Tool rapids back out.
  6. The machine drills a hole every time you give it a position.
  7. You can stop it drilling holes with a G Code.
  8. I saves a shit load of time.

Bollocks, I can’t remember the G code.

Guess what, I gave you a list, now read it.

Yea But Dave You Just Gave Me a List of Seven Things

Surely I’d have to remember them.

Look your just being a prick now. You know exactly what I mean, please don’t call me Dave.

My Answer

With this course, CNC Programmer Training, you get a memory stick with all the course notes on. A quick read of this, and because you understand it will all flood back.

Oh and you also get free tea and coffee, lunch and a certificate of completion.

The questions about CNC programming you dare not ask.

If you’d like to ask any questions then please email David:

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