CNC Milling G Code List For Beginners

CNC Milling G Code List For Beginners

CNC Milling G Code List

Download and print this nice large print CNC Milling G Code List

Download CNC Milling G Code List PDF

I always begin my training sessions by telling my students not to remember anything I say.

This sounds completely stupid and my excuse is it wasn’t my idea to say it.

About ten years ago I worked in France. After about a year and it seemed obvious that I would need to speak to people to order “Fish n Chips” and stuff like that.

Anyway I got these CD’s to teach me French and the bloke (can’t remember his name) started off by telling you not to remember anything he told you.

I think there is a bit of reverse psychology going on but the main idea is that you understand not remember. It didn’t work for me because I still managed to completely fuck up the language. Not realizing French Canadians speak differently to native Frenchmen (I was working for Bombardier) . Anyway I asked this bloke, in French, to “come with me”. I can’t remember what it is in French and after all the bloke on the CD had specifically told me not to remember.

Anyway turns out this had a sexual connotation and made me the complete laughing stock everywhere I went from then on. (I’ll let you do the maths on that one.)

“OK who bought all The fuckin toilet paper?”

When it comes to CNC Programming the idea of not remembering loads of G Codes is really important. Truth is you only need a few and it’s all about understanding what they do.

For Example I want to drill a hole.

You completed a training course at the CNC Training Centre. You understood it all and you practiced with you free simulation software that you get with the course.

You start writing a program to drill some holes.

From your training you know that there is a cycle that drills holes.

You understand how the cycle feeds the tool down to a depth and then it rapids out ready to do another.

Quick Fix G81 Video

You also know that if you keep adding more positions (X50. Y50.) it will keep drilling holes.

And… when you are sick of drilling holes there’s another G code to stops it.

What Are These G Codes?

So you just look em up on your CNC Milling G Code List.

G81 Drilling Canned Cycle
G80 Cancel Canned Cycle

Then you think “mmm I’m sure there’s one that pecks the material out and breaks it up”

“Let me see… Ah this looks like the one

G73                 Peck Drilling

CNC Milling G Code List

Type up or print this list in nice big letters and stick it to the side of your machine

Download CNC Milling G Code List PDF

CNC Milling G Code List

G00                 Move at Rapid speed
G01                 Feed in a Straight Line
G02                 Clockwise Arc
G03                 Counter Clockwise Arc

G04                 Time Dwell
G28                 Return Axis to Home

G41                 Cutter Compensation Left
G42                 Cutter Compensation Right
G40                 Cancel Cutter Compensation

G43                 Apply Tool Length Offset
G54 to G59     Work Offsets

G81                 Drilling Cycle
G73                 Peck Drilling
G83                 Deep Hole Drilling Cycle
G84                 Tapping Cycle
G80                 Cancel All Canned Cycles

G90                 Absolute Programming
G91                 Incremental Programming

Download CNC Milling G Code List PDF

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