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Webster & Bennett with Fanuc 10T

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I Just Love Old Machines

I recently got to train someone on one of these, a Webster & Bennett with Fanuc 10t Control.

Webster & Bennett

It’s what I crudely call a big bastard. But bastard it is not, it can definitely machine some big shit

Webster & Bennett

Like this monster.

Don’t ask me what it is or I would have to kill you. Joking aside I think it’s a water valve. Beware these jacuzzis use a lot of water,

The machine is a Webster & Bennett vertical borer and I think the Fanuc 10t control was possibly a retro fit.

When these start whizzing around even a few RPM it can scare the living shit out of even the most seasoned engineer. And me, well I,m more seasoned than a piece of Nando’s chicken.

G50 on a Webster & Bennett Your Best Friend

Anyway joking aside your best buddy now is definitely G50 get this wrong and it’s fuckin world war three.

Imagine the scenario, you program G96 S180 M3. Spin at 180m/min. Not too fast but…. what if the tool is sat in the middle of the part.

Machine says “come on lads happy days foot to the floor flat out joy riding” and it fucks off like two teenage boys in a stolen Lamborghini.

So without a G50, or the wrong speed, this beast will accelerate to it’s maximum rpm.

Oh and did I Mention it’s harder to stop than a P & O Criuise Ship with 4000 obese pensioners on board?

E Stop….. Good Luck with That One

Hit the e stop and you’ll wait longer than you would for a GP appointment before it comes to rest.

Now not wishing to show off but I’ve been training people on CNC Machines for 30 plus years so I know exactly what to do in this situation.

Grab your immediate belongings and fuckin scarper.

So anyway make sure every program has a G50 at the head and then tattoo it on your scrotum sack. Whatever you need to remember to enter that vital G code.

Fanuc 10t The Old En’s Know Best

It makes you realise that Fanuc hasn’t really come that far with it’s controls (Sorry Mr Fanuc but some things have to be said)

It’s a 10T Fanuc on this Webster & Bennett, most of my readers were probably still shitting yellow when these 10t controls were around or maybe not even born. (What a crude expression that should stir up some complaints).

Webster & Bennett

G71 G72 Turning and Facing, Fanuc 10t

The G71 and G72 are single line. How bloody simple (whatever happened to simple).

Webster & Bennett

P100 first N number. Q110 second N number of the shape.

D1500 is a 1.5mm depth of cut.

U and W is finishing allowance.

F.35 is the feed-rate.

Piss easy.

G72 is much the same

Don’t forget with G72 you program it the other way. Just imagine you are going to machine it straight off as a finishing cut. Then rapid to where your metal starts before your G71 or G72.

Background Edit Fanuc 10t

Now We’re Really Living

This one’s even has background edit

Fanuc 10t

Here’s the button if you don’t believe me.

One of the biggest problems with these old controls is lack of memory I mean if this control was a person it wouldn’t even remember how to wipe its own arse.

But because its only two axis turning the programs are pretty small. They are a bit of a pain to backup but it can all be done with RS 232, a full moon and your laptop pointing to Mecca.

Setting Datums Webster & Bennett Borer

Setting the Z0 is quite easy. It’s even got G54 through to G59 (an extra in those days) honestly you don’t know you’re fuckin born these days with your extended offsets and your G54.1’s.

Workshif, Workshif I’m Happy With That

Anyway stick G54 up your arse cos I didn’t use it. I think on a two axis lathe the old work shift will suffice. None of your mamby pamby G54 shit.

Fanuc 10t

Easy to do. Position tool at required Z zero input Z0 then press MEASURE

Fanuc 10t

All done “good to go” as your favourite celebrity chef would say

Setting tools is going to be the good old cut and measure, just in case you are wondering what we used to do before tool measurement arms.

Fanuc 10t

Fairly standard stuff to measure tools.

Cut a diameter then move Z but not X (DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT 200 POUNDS) to make a MONOPOLY analogy.

Type in the value X225.6 (if that’s what it measures) and the press measure.

Fanuc 10t


Job done, who needs a fuckin sissy boy measurement arm?

You can reset your relative display just like on a newer machine. It’s even got MDI, a bit crude in that you have to enter each character separately but this machine is a buddle of joy.

To think people pay me for this job, admittedly lower than the minimum wage but I get to work on these beautiful pieces of machinery.

If I win the lottery tomorrow I will buy one of these, a cake shop, a chip shop and a pub.

Oh and if there is any cash left I’ll buy the misses a new coat from Marks & Spencer.


Fanuc Subprogram (Local Subroutine)

Category : Fanuc

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Fanuc Subprogram (Local Subroutine)

If you have ever used local subroutines on Heidenhain or Yasnac. Then you will know how convenient it is to save all your programs in one go. No need to remember to save all those shitty little external sub programs.

What’s He On About?

If you are now saying “what the fuck is he on about”. Here is an explanation.

A local subroutine or subprogram is where you stuff all your subprograms at the end of your main program.

So on a Fanuc control if you were making this part below.

Drill spot drill then tap.

Fanuc Subprogram

Programme would look like this.

Fanuc Subprogram


Thing is the code is just repeated three times. I have nice round numbers in here like X40. and Y20. so it’s easy to notice mistakes. But if it was X40.392 for example you wouldn’t spot a slight mistake.

So if you call a subprogram it looks like this.

Fanuc Subprogram

And then your Subprogram is like this.

Fanuc Subprogram

Fanuc Subprogram

The M98 P500 calls the external Fanuc Subprogram. Read this if you don’t know about sub programmes.

Saves you having to repeatedly write shit loads of code.

So that’s why we use a Fanuc Subprogram. But……

You have to look after these bloody things and they seem to be able to just get lost on their own.

You find them at the back of the fridge sometimes along with a piece of mouldy old cheese. At least you can make a meal of the cheese.

Fanuc Subprogram No More Lost Programs

So this is how it looks with a Local Subroutine.

All you need to do is replace P with Q. So mind your P’s and Q’s as they say.

The Q corresponds to any N number. So you could have loads of these stacked up at the end of your programme and you only need to save it once. All this shit will go with it and you don’t need to worry about it ever again.

Haas To The Rescue

Of course Mr Haas sorted this out years ago with M97, this calls a local sub. M98 calls an external program. It’s on all Haas machines and you definitely do need to fuck with any parameters.

Just A word Of Caution.

There are PARAMETERS involved. Arrrrrrrrrrrh……..the dreaded PARAMETERS

To call a subroutine on your Fanuc control. You first need to make sure that Bit 0 of parameter 06005 is set to 1

Fanuc Subprogram

This should make it work. If it doesn’t then maybe you should call the Samaritans.

It’s only on the newer controls by the way.

Sub programs on a Siemens control.

Thanks For Reading My Articles We Love you all .

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CNC Programming Examples Turn and Mill

Category : Fanuc

Click CNC Programming Examples

These are the different CNC programming examples we have both turning and milling.

CNC Programming Examples

CNC Programming Examples Turning

G94 Facing


G81 Drilling Cycle

G73 Peck Drilling Cycle

G83 Deep Hole Peck Drilling Cycle

G82 Drill With Dwell Cycle

G84 Rigid Tapping

Examples from Haas

Leading Trailing Zeros CNC Programming Basics

Category : Beginners Fanuc

Leading Trailing Zeros

You do not need leading or trailing zeros in a CNC program (see below):

O0001(G81 DEMO)
G21 G90 G40
G90 G00 G54 X12.64 Y88.00 S2546 M03
G43 H01 Z15.00 M08
G0 Z100.00
G01 Z-0.1
Without leading Zero is exactly the same. (Trust me it won’t self destruct or start world war 3)
O1(G81 DEMO)
G21 G90 G40
G90 G0 G54 X12.64 Y88. S2546 M3
G43 H1 Z15. M8
G0 Z100.
G1 Z-.1

Try to keep your code consistent. As I mentioned before try to make all programs look the same.

Create an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) which will cover all programming layout options. Haas controls will insert their own leading and trailing zeros so you won’t have a choice there.

Leading Trailing Zeros and Memory

Leading Trailing Zeros, if you are short of memory (not as in forgetful) this can save loads of space, and you might be surprised how small the memory is on some CNC machines, some have the memory of a fish.

Leading Trailing Zeros

CNC Programming

The main thing is that you are happy with the layout of your program.

If you are not consistent with your approach it can cause a lot of problems.

Please remember that when you are typing code into the machine it will take you considerably longer to type G01 X0.200 Y0.200 F100.00 than G1 X.2 Y.2. It could wear out your fingers or give you multi RSI.

A Haas control will automatically add leading zeros but just try to ignore it. Maybe Mr Haas likes to see them.

Main thing is you don’t need to type them in.

Take a look at this article.

Another way to save space on a Mazak control is to delete all the spaces (ISO G code programs only)

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Background Edit Fanuc

Category : Beginners Fanuc

Background edit, I only really get to hear about background edit when people get stuck in it. It’s a bit like being accidentally locked in a toilet you feel a bit of a twat and very embarrassed in equal measures.

This button is your closest friend

Now I made it real big because one day it will save your life.

You know when you play Monopoly and you get one of those cards that says “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE”

If you get sent to jail you just present this card and your sentence is immediately quashed it’s a bit like having Donald Trump as a mate.

It doesn’t work for shop lifting by the way I tried it as a child when I nicked a tin of Spam from the Coop. Fortunately in those days the police were never involved as they knew your parents would beat you to within an inch of your life at the slightest hint of petty larceny.

Anyway press this button background edit all your woes will cease.

And if that doesn’t work this one is the nuclear option.

background edit

The first one is for the program you’re actually background editing. Don’t forget you can have more than one program that you are background editing, more on this later.

Anyway this button stops them all, a clean sheet as it were.

Oh Dear

The reason people get into such a mess with this is because you can actually get into background editing by accident it’s easy.

If you are in a folder and you press INPUT then whatever program your cursor is on immediately comes up for background editing.

If you do this a few times then you can have several programs on the screen to edit.


You can switch between these programs and edit any one. You can copy and paste between them which makes writing programs from templates really easy.

Use the FORWARD and BACKWARD softkeys to switch between programs

To escape this lot you need the help of this key

background edit

This will end it all.

Background Edit is Amazing

Yes background edit is really useful, maybe amazing is stretching it a bit, but it does have many uses. Editing a few programs together is the bit I like.

If you want to edit whilst you are running a program then that’s also useful.

Background edit Warning

Don’t hit the fuckin reset button!!!!

Obviously this will stop everything so why would you do it?

Well maybe you are one of those very naughty boys who uses it to get to the head of the program when editing.

When in background edit it’s easy to press reset except this time you just stopped everything because your program is running.

Change Your Habits

Use rewind, some controls have a rewind button

use this to get to the head of the program.

On other controls it’s LINE SEARCH then press TOP or BOTTOM

This will take you directly to the head of your program or the end of your program.

Nothing is stopped and no one is harmed.

background edit


Why I Hate Background Edit

It’s an absolute pain in the bollocks mainly because it is so easy to accidentally get into background edit and not even realise.

You keep pressing the MDI button and the screen just wont change. If you have Guide i then you will get a warning when you switch over and you can’t do anything until you end it.

To be honest I don’t hate it at all. You just need to be aware that you need to come out of it to do various other things.

Another Useful Feature

If you want to use a program for reference. In other words you want to look at what’s in it but you need to be careful not to alter it.

Press BG EDIT then type in your program number


Your program will appear in green meaning it is “read only” so you can’t accidentally alter it.

What’s Running in The Background?

You can also call your running program in background edit. This will also appear in green and be read only.



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