Using G10 On A Fanuc CNC Lathe

Using G10 On A Fanuc CNC Lathe

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This article is about using G10 on a CNC Lathe to set the work shift or work zero offset as it is known on a Haas control.

If you have ever used Mazak machines you will know that when you call a program the work offset is kept with it.

Obvious really……

I mean if you were teaching your dog or your cat to program a CNC Lathe and you told him that he had to reset the workshift every time he called a new program what would he say.

I mean nothing really but he’d probably give you a strange look.

But you can do it on a Fanuc control or on a Haas control.

You just put this………………….

G10 P0 X0 Z-98.1

Using G10

So you would put that at the head of your program and it would change the work shift screen as above.


No need to set workshift everytime.

Automatically sets X figures so there’s no chance you could alter it by accident.


Well there is a slight catch.

It’s obvious really but from now on you can only change the workshift from the program.

If you altered it on the workshift screen it would just change back when you run the program.

Now I know your not stupid enough to do that but I bet the bloke on nights is.

The Big One

When you restart a program you must remember to read this line.

Imagine if you tried to re-run the threading tool after altering the G10 you would just jump to that tool and run it. (Your new offset wouldn’t work)

Therefore you must remember to make the control read it in before running any tools.

Now the clever bastards will have a solution to this.

(This songs hilarious by the way)

What you could do is use a subprogram, if you had one for tool change position you could dump the G10 there.

That way each tool would read it.

Oh yea and it’s probably a bit more tricky to alter as you can’t use input plusUsing G10

So you have to revert to mental arithmetic.

Ok So Why Do I Need All This Crap

Do you use the same chuck day in day out?

Do you keep the jaws for each job?

Well if the answer to these questions is yes, your workshift value is the same every time you set up this part.

Do you really want to reinvent the wheel?


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