G91 Non modal Haas Setting 29

G91 Non modal Haas Setting 29

Now I don’t want to appear sexist here but sometimes my wife will be awake at night worrying about whether or not she left a gas ring turned on.

Now me I worry about different things I mean how can you compare a gas explosion to a collision on a CNC Machine.

(I really should clean that cooker)

Anyway my point is if you worry about G91 and if you left one active in a program and it causes a collision.

Help is at hand. Now this maybe another piece of useless shit and you might wish you had stayed on Facebook, reading your mates post, ruminating on the benefits of vegan cheese and how you can’t tell the difference. (I have tried and it’s really nice once you get the thought of eating semtex out of your brain).

Don’t set me off about vegans. Just answer one question, if they don’t like meat why do they have to keep banging on “I’ve just eaten this burger and you would think it was real beef”

Anyway if you change setting 29

G91 becomes non modal read this article if you need to know more

Anyway what it means is that if you wrote some code like this

G90 G0 X0 Y0
G81 G98 Z-20. R1. F100.
G91 X50
G90 X100.

You would have to write it like this

G90 G0 X0 Y0
G81 G98 Z-20. R1. F100.
G91 X50
G91 X10.
G91 X20.
G91 X30.
X100. (This would go back to G90 automatically)

“That’s daft” I hear you say.

Well not really because it means that if you ever forget to switch back to absolute (G90) it doesn’t matter because it never got swapped in the first place.

Every time you want G91 you need to write it in that block of code.

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