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Siemens Program Training

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This Article is About TOFFR

TOFFR….  No it’s not some kind of vegan substitute for cheese.

It’s a programming command on a Siemens 828 or 840 Sinumerik Control.

Now everyone who reads this crap knows that I usually start the articles about Siemens Program Training by saying how versatile they are.

Well today I’m not going to. Instead I’m going to show you a picture of the fly I bought from a local pet shop.

Her name is Tinkerbell.

“I want to buy a pet fly” I asked. “We don’t sell them” said the shopkeeper.

“Well there are quite a few in the window” was my reply.

I then forced him to sell me one for £25 (that taught him a lesson, I think he was afraid I’d call in trading standards)

Siemens Programme Training TOFFR

I could talk about Tinkerbell all day, but I’m not going to, Iv’e written this amazing article all about TOFFR it’s the Siemens vegan option.

Let’s imagine you want to machine around the outside of a shape. You want to rough it and leave material on. So what do you do?

Two Programs?

Do you have two programs one bigger shape for roughing and one that is the correct finished shape?

No you use TOFFR

What TOFFR does is modify you tool radius in your offset file.

Firstly you add some to it.

TOFFR=1. (Add 1mm)

Run your program which will leave 1mm on the size.


TOFFR=0 (Sets it back to it’s original amount)

Run your program again this time the tool is back to it’s correct radius and will therefore finish the part.

Take a look at the code below.

G40 G94 G64 G90

G54 G94

G0 X58. Y0 S1500 M3


TOFFR=1.;Add 1mm to radius

G1 G41 X48.Y0 F1500.
G40 X58. Y0

TOFFR=0;Reset Radius


G0 Z50

Let me explain what’s going on here.

This line:

TOFFR=1.;Add 1mm to radius

Will add 1mm to the active tool radius so you mill around the part leaving 1mm of extra material.

Then this line:

TOFFR=0;Reset Radius

Takes the 1mm back off so when you repeat the section of code with this line.


It finishes the shape.

Here is a nice video I made.

Oh and if you want to know about repeating sections of program  and subprograms read this.


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