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Haas Training

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Haas Training
Haas products are constantly improving and developing. I love working with Haas because they actually listen to customers.

Every company claims to do this. We all know that some of the software and machines we use everyday have annoying faults that just never seem to be picked up on by the designers.

Haas Training
Anyway you all know I get pissed off about this if you ever read anything I write. Here is an example.

Did you ever work on a machine with a random tool-changer?

Haas Training

This is a CNC Milling machine that gets the tool out of the spindle and puts it back into the nearest pocket. Could be a Fanuc control Mazak control, Heidenhain. So when you look round the back of the machine at the pockets, the pocket numbers bear no resemblance to the actual tool numbers.

Anyway you go round the back of the machine and you see a tool you want. An M10 tap maybe. I want that M10 tap so I have to go all through my tool lists or whatever to find what tool number it is.

I hope you get me so far. So I find there is an M10 tap called T06 and I call it to the spindle. Oh dear there are two M10 taps and I got the wrong one. In real life I would probably say bollocks but I am trying to make these articles more classy by reducing the profanities.

Haas Training
Yes, so that’s the problem. Best thing is keep a tool list maybe.
Anyway on a Haas machine all you do is look round the back at what pocket the tool is in. Instead of typing T06 M06 you just key in P06 M06 (P being the pocket number) and Bob’s your uncle job done.
That’s why I love Haas machines maybe someone complained about how frustrating it was, I don’t know. I think  someone worked on the machine at Haas and thought “mm that’s annoying I’ll sort that”.

Look in your Haas CNC Training manuals (yes that oil covered blob at the back of the machine). In your Haas manuals you will find loads of this kind of useful stuff. Mind you it’s much more fun to come to my website.
At the CNC Training Centre we can train you to a much higher level on your Haas machines. I like to call it filling in the gaps. It’s all about getting the most out of the machines you already have.

  • Haas Lathe training.
  • Haas VMC training.
  • Haas Milling Training.
  • Haas programmer training.
  • Haas Macro training.

Love your job, love your machine and when you get excited about all the things it can do it makes you wanna get out of bed on a morning and dash to work.

We can absolutely guarantee that you will improve:

  • Quality.
  • Productivity.
  • Downtime.
  • Employee satisfaction.
  • Employee moral.

Make sure you checkout Haas CNC training videos and has training classes.
Wow Haas F1 team that’s amazing check this out, but come back here soon. Haas racing how good is that?
Contact me now for training on and offsite on your Haas machines.

  • Haas Training Turning.
  • Haas Training Milling.
  • Haas Training VMC.
  • Haas Training Programming.
  • Haas Training Macro.


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