Polar Programming G16 Fanuc

Polar Programming G16 Fanuc

Polar Programming G16

Polar programming is cool.

No one loves polar bears more than me.

Polar means you are working around a pole. So your programmed position is determined by a radius and an angle.

No use??? Think about it. Polar Programming G16.

Holes on a pitch circle. Mill a hexagon. Piece of piss. Honestly.

Read on….

Polar bears, polar programming here we go. Don’t go too close to polar bears as they have a propensity to rip you head off.

Oh No Polar Programming G16 is an Option

Sorry yes it’s n option. Anyway hopefully you have it. Don’t blame me blame the tight arse who bought the machine.

Imagine you had some holes like this to machine.

Polar Programming G16First thing you need to do is program a G16 to say you want to use polar programming.

G16 on its own means your datum is the centre of the pole (X0 Y0)

G16 X50. Y50. would put your pole centre at X50. Y50.

Anyway we want it at zero which is the centre of this pattern of holes. So it’s just G16.

Once G16 is active then X becomes your radius and Y becomes your angle.

What’s The Time Mr Wolf?

The angle is always measured from 3.15 as below. (If you’re reading this mum sorry about busting your clock but I needed the picture)

And the angle is measured counterclockwise. This applies to all CAD CAM.

So this angle would be Y60. (60 degrees) and the X would be X25. (Radius)

Polar Programming G16

So you program looks like this

Polar Programming G16

Now see it running.

Lets look at the milling in more detail

Polar Programming G16

Note that the distance to the sharp corner is 46.188 The line N1 uses this.

Polar Programming G16

Polar Programming G16 It’s So Easy

Then we just program each position as an angle (no need for the radius because it does not change)

Polar Programming G16

Each point you are going to has a radius from centre and an angle.

Incremental What’s That All About?

Don’t forget this works in incremental as well so be careful (you’re not insured for this)


It gets even better when you use the L command.

Polar Programming G16

Polar Programming G16 Action

Now when it comes to the milling it’s so simple don’t you just love this.

Polar Programming G16



What do you think?


Add it to your digital toolbox??


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