G82 Drilling Program Example

G82 Drilling Program Example

G82 Drilling Program Example

G82 Drilling Program Example, this simple part has four M12 holes drilled countersunk and tapped.

The datum is the centre of the part so the holes positions are.

X55. Y55.
X-55. Y55.
X-55. Y-55.
X55. Y-55.

G82 Drilling Program Example

Here is the CNC code

G82 Drilling Program Example

The machine first moves to X-55. Y-55. and rapids the Z axis to 3mm above the part.

It then rapids the Z axis down to 1mm above the part R1.

The G82 Cycle instructs it to drill a hole 6mm deep (Z-6.) at a feed of 200mm per minute (F200.)

When it gets to depth the P3000 tells it to dwell for 3000 milliseconds which is 3 seconds. No decimal point allowed. (Varies on controls)

When the hole is done it rapids back to the initial point (Z3.) This was in the line

This is because of the G98.

If it were G99 it would return to 1mm above the job (R1.)

See explanation of G98 and G99

Once the cycle is active each time it sees a position it repeats the drilling process.

When the G80 is programmed it no longer drills holes.

Now watch the video to see it all in action.

G82 Drilling Program Example

Haas G82 example

It’s been great fun writing this article for you but to be totally honest i think this cycle is a complete waste of time. Whenever I have put a dwell in a spot drilling cycle it always seems to chatter.

However if you do use this cycle please let me know if you have success with it.


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