Haas Jog Spindle Speed Setting 98

Haas Jog Spindle Speed Setting 98

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Haas Jog Spindle Speed

This article tells you how to control your Haas Jog Spindle SpeedHaas Jog Spindle Speed

Are You Jogging Too Fast

OK so this is not some fitness weight loss type blog

“Lose 3 stone in one day”

We all know that’s not possible unless you’re at the zoo and a lion bites both your fuckin legs off.

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Haas Jog Spindle Speed


Anyway I am one of these blokes that loves tinkering with things. I’ve never actually killed myself (otherwise I would be posthumously writing this article) but I have come pretty close on numerous occasions.

The other day I realized you could control the jog speed of a Haas Machine by setting parameter 98

I was so excited I just had to play with it (no sexual innuendo intended).

Normally I don’t bother using SPINDLE JOG because it spins the part too fast.

Here’s how you change setting 98.

Press this button………

limit wear offset

Sorry it’s a dirty grubby button but it’s the only one I have (welcome to the real world)

Anyway I’ve no doubt yours is probably dirtier than mine.

Haas Jog Spindle Speed

Type into setting 98 the speed you want when you press the SPINDLE JOG button

Set it to 10rpm, it’s nice and gentle if you want to rotate your part and see what’s going on.


All you need do now is enjoy it.

First press MDI then press SPINDLE JOG

Haas Jog Spindle Speed


You can do it with the door open too so be careful.

Thanks for watching and reading

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