Convert Manual Guide Program to CNC Code

Convert Manual Guide Program to CNC Code

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Let’s learn to Convert Manual Guide programs into normal vanilla CNC Code.

Manual Guide i is very popular now on Fanuc Controls. I’ve got to be honest I’m not a great fan. There are parts of it that are very useful. But anyway knowing me I’ll probably change my mind.

Convert Manual Guide

I do work in some companies that just use manual guide and nothing else. One such customer got me in to do some training and also helping to develop an Edgecam post for a Toshiba Machine with a Fanuc Control.

As part of the development of the post I needed some sample code. Well they didn’t have much so I decided to convert one of the Manual Guide Programs to a standard CNC Program so I could see exactly what code it was using.

Change Your Underwear Regularly

My thoughts were that I’d forget how to do it as it’s not something I do that often. You know it’s a bit like changing your underpants, if you don’t do it too often you can forget how and then somehow you just avoid it.

Anyway here’s what you do. (Convert Manual Guide not change thongs)

First of all call the program in the Edit Mode. Reset to the head of the program. Then change to Memory mode or Auto.

If you press the side arrows eventually you’ll see a button called NC CNV.

Convert Manual Guide

You can only do this in Memory mode, if you are in Edit you’ll never find the button!

Convert Manual Guide

Press this and you will be asked to input a program number.

Enter a new program number and press CREATE.

Convert Manual Guide

I you use an existing program it will be overwritten so be careful.

Convert Manual Guide

You will now see the same buttons that you use for simulation.

Convert Manual Guide

If you press the START button.

Convert Manual Guide

Your program will be converted and you’ll see all your code in your new program.

(You can stop and pause and all sorts of other shit if you want.)

Convert Manual Guide

Press STOP

Convert Manual Guide

and then RETURN

Convert Manual Guide

Once you press RETURN your all done and it will take you back to your original program.



(I didn’t and I’m still seeing a therapist having nightmares about trying to find the convert button)

Convert Manual Guide

Fanuc Training

I even headbutted the control.

Thanks for watching and reading

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