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Heidenhain Training

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CNC Training Centre offers Heidenhain training both on-site and off-site. The Heidenhain TNC control has been around since the 1970’s and similar to Mazak it was well ahead of its time.

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Heidenhain is a lot more friendly to the user than some controls. A lot of controls will allow you to basically input any old shit and then try and run the code. With these types of control nothing is really monitoring what you are inputting. Not until you actually run the program do you start to get alarms flying around everywhere.

Whenever I train people, I would guess under 35, they have this real instinct to just type and press buttons at lightening speed. Now this is great when you are playing space invader or whatever. Sorry I am not well up on computer games.


Heidenhain Training



You see the thing is now most software is very intuitive and programmers and interface designers have done an amazing job. We download an app or some free software and we fiddle around with it and soon its all working. The idea is you just experiment until you get it working. It’s designed with this in mind.

Heidenhain Training

Take Microsoft word as an example. How many of you have actually been on a training course? Exactly none of you.

But everyday we all use it with great success.

Anyway start doing this on a CNC machine and bang crash wallop, you end up with a lost limb and a pile of scrap metal. And I didn’t even mention the busted tool and the machine that needs a £2000 re alignment. Anyway you get my drift.

Heidenhain Training

CNC machines are just not that way at all. I mean yea there are a few exceptions but still you really need professional instruction. Sorry rambling again sign up today for a Heidenhain Training Course.

When people buy Edgecam (hopefully from me) I often say to the boss “compare this to buying your son a piano” don’t go to him after two weeks and expect Chopin’s Piano Concerto No1 Op 10 in E minor. (I’m listening to it now as I work, mm I could fall asleep)

Our machines and software are tools (the clues in the title) machine tools. You need skill and expertise to get the best out of them.

Heidenhain Training

Heidenhain Training

Anyway rant over the Heidenhain controls are a lot more intuitive than most of the others. The other good thing is that although the graphics are crap on the old controls they do a really good job in testing your code before you cut metal. Also in a crude way you can see the metal-cutting.

Heidenhain Training

The controls basic format hasn’t changed much over the years. The buttons still look very familiar. All the old stuff works but there is a whole bunch of new stuff added on to each new version.

Read these articles for a bit of free Heidenhain Training.

Check out this article on sections in programs.

This one is about the various ways to cut arcs.

It’s all fantastic stuff.

Heidenhain Training                   Heidenhain Training


You can even do shit like changing a Heidenhain program over to ISO so you can run it on another machine.

Let me know if you find any of these courses cheaper at major supermarkets. I won’t price match it but I will be amazed.

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