Heidenhain Sections in a Program

Heidenhain Sections in a Program

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Heidenhain Sections, I don’t get to work on Heidenhain controls anywhere near as much as I would like to.

A recent training program we undertook with a packaging company meant I got loads of time to have fun with this control whilst working with some fantastic people oh, and I got paid too.

Heidenhain Sections

Ever since I first worked on Heidenhain controls in the early 80s I have found them very intuitive. As with all the CNC controls (and I am gonna have a moan) they tend to get over complicated.

Heidenhain Sections, back then I think the bloke from Bridgeport plugged the machine in and said “there you go son” (I was quite young at one time).

I think I persuaded him to give me a half hour crash course but it’s credit to Heidenhain, when someone like me where the elevator does not quite go to the top floor, can teach the sen (northern and midlands  for self).

Anyway I got on great with it and I have loved em ever since.

It was quite basic then but now, although more complex, it’s got some really useful features. If you are a wiz kid on this control just stop reading now cos you are about to say “So what”.

Anyway what my video is about is a really cool way that you can navigate the programs.

You put bookmarks in your code and then on the right hand side you just see a list of these book marks.

You could put them at any strategic points in your programs like  Tool Change or whatever. On the right you see a list of just these book marks and when you select one of them the program on the left it jumps to that section (I love it).

Heidenhain Sections

When code looks similar it’s so easy to start editing the wrong bit. Gets me so angry when I do that and then I get all confused, it can even lead to a smash up.

Anyway reading is so boring just watch the movie!

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