Fanuc Display – Relative Position

Fanuc Display – Relative Position

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Fanuc Display (Relative Position) is used only by the operator.

Fanuc Display

You can reset Fanuc Display (Relative Position) just like you would on a manual machine with a DRO. So use it for setting or even measurements. One thing to remember is it will not retain it’s position when you turn the machine off. The control in the video is a Fanuc 18i on a big vertical lathe but all other Fanuc controls are similar.

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Don’t forget the machine does not use this display so feel free to pre-set positions and origin axis.

It’s yours so enjoy it.

Also don’t worry when you origin axis or pre-set axis because the control will not allow you to interfere with other displays.

Fanuc Display

If you don’t have a Fanuc control you will find a similar thing on all CNC machines. It won’t have the same name but there will almost always be one display that you will be allowed to freely adjust and re-set.

CNC programming is a bit like driving a car. Once you know one CNC control you will soon find your way around another.

If you want to turn on the lights in your mates Ferrari (not that I have mates with Ferrari’s) you know that somewhere there will be a switch and it will definitely have lights.

Fanuc Display

Mazak, Heidenhain, Haas, Fadal, Siemens all have a similar function.

So it’s always worth applying a bit of logic when you are working on a new control, think that the control will almost definitely be capable of all the same things as the ones you know.

For example it will have a manual jog, it will have a hand-wheel, it will have some form of MDI, it will run in memory and it will have an edit mode. You just need to find them.

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