Edgecam Support From CNC Training Centre

Edgecam Support From CNC Training Centre

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Edgecam Support

The CNC Training Centre is a partner to Edgecam and are always working with the latest features of this innovative software. We can offer either Edgecam support on-site or Edgecam support off- site.

Edgecam Support

Lots of customers buy Edgecam and complete the standard Edgecam training modules.

After completing these modules they then find it’s not quite so easy when it comes to implementing Edgecam in their day-to-day machining. This gets put off and suddenly the guy who signed over the budget to buy Edgecam wonders why he didn’t just buy himself new car instead (well it might be second-hand).

Edgecam Support

One of the massive problems with any new technology in our day-to-day lives is we don’t get to use it properly. This can be due to several things but the most common is lack of time.

It’s easy to just scratch the surface or worse still leave it in the box. Now, honestly how many gadgets did you buy and never get round to using them? Come on we all did it. My misses still nags me about the George Foreman grill I bought, I think we ended up with a takeaway that night.


Anyway it’s time to change all that. We can offer you Edgecam support but sorry I can’t get you on that exercise bike, anyway you’d only break it.

If you want to come away from your busy environment with all its distractions then offsite training will be best for you.

It’s always best to give us loads of information before you start. Models, drawings, machine types, tooling, bank pin numbers.

Edgecam Support

That way we can work the way I prefer to work which is on real life components.

If you opt for on site training then we can really get down to the serious stuff. Link your machines properly to Edgecam with post processors that churn out code the way you like it. Code that is easy to read. Code that looks the same as hand written code with comments and well spaced out (not as in Ozzy Osbourne).

This way you will end up with real life working parts that you can use as templates for other projects.

On the job Edgecam support means that we don’t teach you, you learn. In other words we find real life problems that you encounter every day and sort them out there and then. And, because you make the mistakes the brain pathways are opened up permanently.

I am sure you have all been on training course where you only remember the first couple of hours of a three-day course.

Edgecam Support

That is because you didn’t make any mistakes in the real world.

When you make mistakes that’s when you really start to learn, that is providing you don’t kill yourself in the process.

So don’t hesitate talk to me today about getting your Edgecam system working efficiently linking directly to all your resources. Tooling, modelling CNC code and post processor.

This system can work brilliantly for you. We call it wasting time to save time. In other words we do all the stuff we need to do to get Edgecam running great.

At the end of the month when we need to get work out this would be perceived as a waste of time. Anyway when we have everything set up correctly Edgecam really starts to sing.

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