Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter 5013 5014

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter 5013 5014

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Messing With Parameters Can Be Fatal!!!!!

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter.

To change parameters you need to go to the setting screen in MDI. Now put a 1 in the parameter write box.

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

Today I want to talk about safety. (you know it’s that boring shit at the front of your machine manual that nobody reads).

Anyway in your offset table, if your machine is less than 30 years old you will have a table for wear and a table for geometry.Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

Well when Mr Fanuc first thought of this, his idea was that instead of keep altering the big number in the Geometry you would have this small wear adjustment. He also gave us the input plus key so you wouldn’t need to do any arithmetic.

The machine would add the wear and geometry together and bang you would end up with a correct part. Newer controls even display the result for you.

See Below Cool!!!!

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter


Always use the wear and never alter the big geometry figure unless you are resetting the tool.

The blue W or G on the left hand side can be a bit confusing. Nothing to do with G codes or incremental movements on a CNC Lathe

G stands for geometry and (yes you guessed it) W stands for wear.


Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

Let’s get on with it.

You would think I would be bored by now and off to write another rock tune that no one will ever buy or listen to, but I’m not.

These articles are about parameters and just generally fucking them up so your machine is crippled.

To Be Real Super Safe

No you don’t need to put condoms on all of your fingers or anything like that.

There is a parameter that can limit the amount you can add to the wear and another that controls the maximum this can reach.

If you think about this. Imagine if you put the apprentice on the machine and you want to be sure he doesn’t start a nuclear war with a foreign dictator.

Oh by the way there’s not a parameter for that.

What you could do is teach him to use wear and not geometry. When the wear reaches the maximum the machine will give an alarm. You will then know it’s time to look at the tool.

Also he couldn’t input a massive amount and crash the machine.

Let’s be honest here, if that wear figure is high something is obviously wrong and you need to re- measure the tool or chuck it in the dustbin.

So here is the parameter.

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter


Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

The above parameter (5014) stops you from altering the wear offset by anymore than .1 at a time (don’t be greedy).

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

The above parameter (5013) means that the maximum amount you could have in the wear offset is .3

Don’t panic when you get one of these.

Maximum Wear Offset Fanuc Parameter

It just means you broke your own rule when you promised never to exceed .1 when you alter your tool wear.

I hope you have enjoyed this parameter as much as I have (in which case we have both been very bored)

Other Parameters Of Interest

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3204 Unlock Program 9000 to 9999 and 8000 to 8999 to Edit

3401 Calculator Type Decimal Point or Integer

6005 Allows the Use of Local Subroutines (Newer Control)

6050-6059  Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with a G Code

6080-6089 Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with An M Code

That’s it away you go.

Oh just one other thing before you go off and cripple your machine forever.

Do yourself a favour take a picture of the screen before you change your parameter.

If you aint got a camera then you must have a piece of paper so write it down.

(Oh and get a camera they are very useful you can take pictures of your arse and send them to your mates)

Even better back everything up.


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