Heidenhain Circular Interpolation

Heidenhain Circular Interpolation

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Heidenhain Circular Interpolation
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Heidenhain circular interpolation, mm what bullshit, this just means cutting in a circular move.

Very often wrongly called interpolation here is Wikipedia meaning.
Well that’s definitely confused me. But to me interpolation means movement.

Circular interpolation moving in a circular motion, full or part circle.
Linear interpolation moving in a straight line.

Heidenhain circular interpolation, there are four ways to produce a circular move on a Heidenhain control. You will love the flexibility of this control once you take the time to get to know it.

CNC Airfryer

Heidenhain is the Airfryer of CNC controls, it does the lot and in many different ways. Now the healthy option is the one that suits your drawing and require the least amount of Maths.

Here are some Airfryer recipes to try at home.

Come on David Where are The Fuckin Circles????

  1. You can use the same way as a Fanuc using heidenhain circular interpolation which is end point and radius.
  2. Using heidenhain circular interpolationtangent and end point.
  3. Using heidenhain circular interpolationcircle centre and end point.
  4. Intersecting corners then program the heidenhain circular interpolationfunction.

This video explains it all. You’ll have four useful tools in your programming toolbox.

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The Heidenhain control offers multiple choices when it comes to circular moves try to use the information straight from your drawing.

That means that if the drawing gives you the points of intersecting lines and a radius then program using the   Heidenhain Arcs  function. If you are used to programming Haas or Fanuc try not to just stick with what you know.

Heidenhain Circular Interpolation

The extra functionality of this control should make it easier and it’s well worth the time learning to use it.

It is always much easier to check code if it is programmed in the same manner as your drawing is dimensioned. This leaves less room for error and makes checking much easier. Don’t give yourself unnecessary work.

The graphics on these controls are not brilliant but are very useful for error checking your code.

I mean really they are dogshite but they can still make you look a twat when you make a stupid mistake. Don’t forget this is all before we cut metal!  heidenhain circular interpolation


It means you can play around with the different ways of programming before you actually break anything. Try to test your programs in manageable sections by temporarily adding M30.

You can stick an M30 anywhere in a Heidenhain program and it will politely stop and return to the top of the program.

Heidenhain Circular Interpolation

If you are not sure of a particular part then try to program it in isolation if possible. That way you won’t be dealing with multiple errors. It will be very easy to see where your problem is and sort it.

It is a good idea to try programming your part without cutter compensation if you are having problems. You can add it later when you have run the program in graphics and know that the shape is OK and it all works. This means you don’t compound errors.

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