Programme Restart Haas

Programme Restart Haas

Programme Restart Haas

Best feature by far on a Haas Machine is it’s programme restart. Guess what, loads of people don’t use it. In fact they don’t even have it switched on.

Restart Haas

First thing to do is switch it on on the setting screen.

If you are used to using a Fanuc control then you probably restart on a tool-change line.

Restart Haas

So you would search for N19 and start at that line.

Haas Restart, Total Confusion

What I find confuses people when they first try this on a Haas machine is that it picks up the previous tool. This is purely because it thinks the tool change is what you want to do. So it gets ready.


All you need to do is start on the next line.

Yep it’s that easy.

The control sorts out everything.

You name it

It will even feed the dog, change your underwear and load the dishwasher.

Sorry I’m joking how could it feed the dog when you don’t have one.

Press cycle start and away you go. If  your Z axis is above the part it will come down slowly just in case something is in the way.

It really is that easy.

Oh n by the way it works just as well on a Haas CNC Lathe

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