Tool Nose Radius Compensation CNC Lathe

Tool Nose Radius Compensation CNC Lathe

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CNC lathe tool nose radius compensation, I think that sometimes in life we get off to a bad start with things. I know when I was at school I was convinced that I was useless at French, Physics and all sports.

I just got off to a bad start.

Getting stabbed with a javelin in the foot did not enthuse me with regards to sporting activities.

Tool Nose Radius Compenasation


Oh and two of my close friends wanted to see if passing a high voltage though my body would give me special strengths a bit like Frankenstein. Needless to say it didn’t work and to this day I can’t watch those films.

So when you have a bad experience with something it just puts you off.

Maybe when you first tried to use G41 and G42 you got loads of ALARMS. Not to mention that nasty rash that you needed a three month course of antibiotics to clear.

We often find ways around our lack of knowledge or whatever.

I know when I was in France my mate always spoke English in a kind of French accent thinking they would know what he was on about. He would put an “a” at the end of each word.

He would say “doa youa knowa thea timea” and they would say “Va te faire foutre”

Here is the video (DON’T YOU DARE WATCH IT YET)

Sorry about the long intro but I have a record to sell as well.

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Anyway, Tool Nose Radius Compensation.

People find ways of programming without tool nose radius compensation.

It surprises me when people don’t use it and it is usually because they don’t understand the very simple rules.

Rules CNC Lathe tool nose radius Compensation

The daftest one being, don’t ask it to do the impossible.

So if you are machining a diameter of say 40mm and you move to a bigger diameter 40.5

If your tip radius is 0.8 the machine would alarms out.

You swear at the machine but unfortunately it’s you that’s being a prick. You can’t fit a .8 radius in that gap.


The same thing applies if you machine around a radius that is smaller than the tip radius.

The other common fault is knowing when and where to apply it. (A bit like lip gloss.)

Your shape needs to be one continuous path that does not go back on itself.

No reverse gear.

Tool Nose Radius Compensation

I always say “use it and get rid of it”.

You can’t just move on to another shape.

You need to cancel and then re apply.

If you don’t use compensation your parts are not really correct because you are frigging the figures. You naughty naughty boy.

CNC Lathe Tool Nose Radius Compensation

The other big problem is if you need to change the tip radius and you didn’t use tool nose radius compensation you would have to change the program.

Your program and part will simply be wrong without tool nose radius compensation that is unless you are only machining orthogonal lines. (Some of my readers will need to goggle that)

If your CAD system is not outputting tool nose radius compensation or cutter compensation in milling then you need to look at your post processor.

If you can’t do it get your software provider to help. Believe me they can all output this if they are set up correctly.

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