Haas Control Zeros Not Required

Haas Control Zeros Not Required

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Haas Control

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For Example In MDI on a Haas Control

When you type code into your Haas control there is no need to input the zeros. This applies in programme edit and in MDI.

For example in MDI

Try typing in: G90 G X Y Z
Then press ENTER
You will get: G90 G00 X0 Y0 Z0



You may well think “so what”. But the way I see it is that if you force yourself (and you will have to initially) to use all the quick ways on everything then if you add all this up you are one very efficient programmer/setter/operator.


I just love watching other people use a PC you always learn something and although we use our PC’s day in day out there is loads of stuff we are not using.

Oh Yea as I was saying…..

The Haas control has many well thought procedures. It’s as if someone actually listened to what we want from our CNC control not just giving us what they think we need.

At CNC Training Centre we are always banging on about making the most of the technology that we already have.

The Haas control really sums this up for me because I often go to customers and there is so much on the control that they are not using.

Read The Manual

I am going to say it again “read the first few pages of your manual” not the health n safety (you already know that, don’t you?)

You will definitely find something you didn’t know.

Haas Control

On a Haas control it is well worth looking through the different settings too. I usually get really excited looking at these (sad old man that I am)

CNC programming is soo exciting.

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