CNC Beginner Where To Start

CNC Beginner Where To Start

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CNC Beginner, at the CNC Training Centre we get emails every day from people trying to get into CNC Machining and programming.

All our courses are still only £240 per day (no hidden costs, no VAT)

They ask how to start as a CNC Beginner.

CNC Beginner

The idea of the beginners courses at the CNC Training Centre is to get you started on your CNC career path.

It takes years to become a skilled engineer the clues in the title “skilled”. The good news is no one is going to stop you.

Beginners CNC Machining Course

CNC Beginner

What I mean is, that although it may be hard to get that foothold, once you’re in all you need to do is work hard, learn and progress.

At the CNC Training Centre we can help you do this.

Because companies are desperate for good people they want you to succeed. All you have to do is perform.

You already have the most important requirement:

  • You’re flexible.
  • You are friendly.
  • You’re never late.
  • You don’t phone in sick Monday morning cos you’ve been on the piss all weekend.
  • You listen and you want to learn.

This is you isn’t it?

Hope I’m not talking to the wrong person here.

So if you already have all the above qualities then all you need is an opportunity.  My advice is quite simple get into the environment.

In other words find a small engineering company with CNC Machines and get any job they have on offer even if your just cleaning the shit-houses.

That way you have a good chance of getting started on a machine. Even if your just making the tea it’s a start.

Bullshit Never Works

Recently almost everyone I train has a story about this bloke who started at their company. CV looked amazing, in practice he knew Jack Shit and two weeks later he either walked out or was slung out.

Please don’t let this be you. Everyone including you becomes very pissed off. Your confidence takes a massive knock, not to mention that you look a twat.

Tell the truth but show confidence and a willingness to learn. Be honest about what you can and can’t do. You’ll be surprised your good looks and magnetic personality will get you the first step on the steep CNC ladder.

I love The 70’s

In the 1970’s I did my apprenticeship at Rolls Royce which was in Parkside in Coventry and they also had a place at Ansty (UK). I believe there were about 200 apprentices at Rolls Royce Coventry in those days. Now add to that all the other engineering companies in Coventry (and there were shit loads).

This meant that a constant stream of skilled people (allegedly) were being injected into the industry.

I say allegedly not in a cynical way but because, once you had finished your apprenticeship, although you got the full remuneration for your skilled position you probably weren’t quite up to scratch.

The old guys would help you to get up to speed which in reality was much longer than your four or five year apprenticeship.

Then Came The 80’s

Now I’m not going to get political but I think someone somewhere decided that we weren’t going to make things anymore. We were going to start selling people cups of coffee, getting really good at stacking supermarket shelves and telling people to “have a nice day” when we didn’t really give a fuck.

Let’s just make loads of coffee no-one will notice.

For many years very few people were trained in Engineering for whatever reason. Now here we are, having had our beautifully baristered coffee. (Is baristered a made up word).

This is my puppy his name is Mierda.

He’s a Spanish Golden Labrador Re-placer. It’s like a retriever but he takes things back instead of getting them.

Anyway someone says “how do we get home?”. But we can’t get home because nobody has made any cars. Oh and we couldn’t make any anyway because we don’t know how.

Fortunately our German friends had already stepped in and made shitloads of beautiful fast sexy cars.

Anyway I think we now have what’s called a skills gap. We cant even grow our own fuckin carrots anymore.

CNC Beginner

Anyway I think we are at last starting to train apprentices but it is going to take years and real commitment if we want to get back to actually making things again.

Course for CNC Beginner

We have a special course for the CNC Beginner. This course is for complete beginners to CNC Machines. Even if you don’t know what a CNC Machine looks like.

CNC Beginner What you Do Need?

Passion. That’s what you need.

It’s a bit like the X Factor where all these kids are saying “Oh Simon I really want this”.

You have to have a real desire to work in Engineering and be really interested. The money’s good but if that’s all you want then personally I doubt if you’ll go the distance.

The main difference here is that becoming a CNC Machinist is actually doable. Where as on the X Factor a singer with a voice that sounds like it came from a badger’s arse and face that actually looks like a badgers arse in reality is never going to set the world on fire.

Anyway take a look at this beginners course for CNC Machining.

Thanks for watching and reading

If you have been affected by any of the issues in this post or need CNC Counselling then contact me.

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Or call us 

If you want to learn to program CNC Milling Machines

Look no further Contact CNC Training Centre

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Adam Page

March 3, 2024 at 9:37 pm

Hello, I’m looking to book onto the CNC beginners course for 11th and 12th March, are there spaces available?
Adam Page

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