Weekend CNC Training Courses Available

Just £600 for the whole weekend


Weekend CNC Training. Yes now you can train at the CNC training centre on Saturday and Sunday.

Weekend CNC Training

All weekend courses are £600 with no hidden extra costs. Come and train  on virtual CNC machines.


  • Free tea coffee and biscuits
  • Memory stick
  • Light Lunch

All These Courses Can be Taken at the Weekend

Learn to program Turning

Learn to program Milling

Beginners CNC Milling

Beginner CNC Turning

Setter Operator Turning

Setter Operator Milling

Apply Now (£600 per Course)

Setter Operator Milling (Weekend)

Setter Operator Turning (Weekend)

Learn to Program Milling (Weekend)

Learn to Program Turning (Weekend)

Beginners CNC Milling (Weekend)


Beginners CNC Turning (Weekend)

Virtual CNC Machines

All courses are at Barwell in Leicestershire

Using virtual CNC machines with real Fanuc Control panels the learning experience is incredibly close to working on a real machines.

The main difference is we can let you just get on with it. No one is hurt and there are no large repair bills at the end of it.

Everything you are taught you immediately get to try out.

If you really want to know what happens if you move the tool at maximum speed towards the workpiece we suggest you try it.

Confidence from Virtual CNC Training

Pupils are way more confident when they approach real machines, sometimes for the first time. Programmers gain confidence from seeing their program actually run and sometimes crash an burn.

Engineers are Doers

As engineers we are people who fix things and make things.

Come to the CNC Training Centre for Weekend CNC Training.

We do loads of talking but we also do loads of doing.

Above all it’s great fun. You don’t sit listening to loads and loads of boring shit. Each thing you are taught you get to try out as much as you want.

Oh and when it goes wrong you just clear the alarm and reset.

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