Clocking Machine Vice (Never Again)

Clocking Machine Vice (Never Again)

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Clocking Machine Vice (Never Again)

This video explains how to set a vice so Clocking Machine Vice is a thing of the past.

Clocking Machine Vice






As is very often the case we are probably stating the obvious.

Clocking Machine Vice

Clocking Machine Vice


You all know this but I am going to tell you anyway even if it’s just a gentle reminder of what to do when work gets slack. I want to make Clocking Machine Vice a thing of the past. At the risk of repeating myself (and I m allowed to at my age). At the CNC Training Centre we call it wasting time to save time. You could spend a day sorting some of this stuff out and the boss will be on your back saying “I need work out and you are playing around making tenons I can’t sell”

Well tell him from me that this will save you ten times whatever you spent on it and once it’s done, it’s done, no turning back. But he is right about making the tenons if you can buy them then it really does work out cheaper. Like washing up liquid we all know what happens when you buy a cheap brand.

The video demonstrates how to use G10 to input the datum in the programme so that the vice can be easily positioned and re-positioned if you have to move it part way through production.


If you don’t know how to use G10 in a programme watch this space for a video telling you how to do it. Basically what it means is instead of going to your offset page that displays your work offsets G54 through to G59, you input your offset in the programme. When the programme runs it writes to the offset page. Effectively your offset is now fixed in the programme. You could go and alter it on your offset page but as soon as you run the programme it will replace it.

The vice is located on the machine table with tenons and tee nuts.

Clocking Machine Vice Clocking Machine Vice Clocking Machine Vice

Clocking Machine Vice Clocking Machine Vice Clocking Machine Vice

You can buy these in as standard items or you may have to make them. It’s probably best to write a CNC programme and cut them off a bar in programme that way you can make as many as you want. You may even want to harden them for a long life.

Once these are attached to your vice the position of your vice, and therefore your fixed jaw, will never change so you can fix the datum in the programme. Slide the vice up to a solid tool-holder of your choice. The tool-holder is sent to a known position and the datum in X can be a fixed position too. Clocking Machine Vice? No thanks.

Just One Other Thing

Notice a G90 at the beginning of the G10 line?

What’s that all about then?

You didn’t know? Shame on you.

Well….. If you programmed a G91 (Incremental) it would actually add that amount to your existing datum.

So just in case, it’s best to have it there. Mummy knows best.

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