G71 and G70 Use to Rough and Finish Turn

G71 and G70 Use to Rough and Finish Turn

New video about the G71 roughing cycle on a Haas or a Fanuc control, also covers the G70 finishing cycle.

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G71 is sometimes known as a canned cycle when in fact it is a multi repetitive cycle. The G70 cycle goes with it and can pick up the same lines to finish.

The N numbers are important as the cycle uses these as the points of reference to jump to.

G71 cycle interprets the shape between these two N numbers and then breaks up the shape for roughing.

Multi repetitive cycles like G71 and G70 make programming without CAD/CAM so quick and easy.

When you rough and finish turn your CAD CAM system will probably pump out enough CNC code to bring down the GCHQ website.

You might say “so what my machine has a huge memory”. That is until you want to edit the number of cuts. It’s back in the office edit, edit, pump out code and back to prove out.

The CAD CAM salesman will tell you not to edit on the machine, sorry mate I live in the real world where that is almost impossible.

So until we get there, compromise.

Use rough and finish cycles then it’s dead easy to edit on the machine. Even better do some work on the Post and get the CAD CAM to pump out rough and finish cycles for you.

This video covers the one line and the two line versions of G71 explaining the differences. Originally Fanuc CNC controls used just a one line display then they changed to two lines.

Watch my video on how to use G71 and G70.

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