Training Course Fanuc Haas Macro Programming

Training Course Fanuc Haas Macro Programming

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 Haas Macro Programming

Fanuc Training Onsite


CNC Macro Programming Training Courses

Call David : 07834 858 407

(Suitable for Fanuc, Mazak and Haas Macro Programming)

Duration:          2 days.
Times:               Start 9.30am Finish 4.00pm
Location:          Barwell in Leicestershire.

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Price £300 per day

Total £600 2 days

CNC Macro Programming Training Courses

If you want to learn how to use

  • Macro CNC Programming Fanuc
  • Macro CNC Programming Haas
  • Macro CNC Programming Mazak

Most ISO type controls that have Macro use a very similar system.

Follow the link to learn some more about Macro.

Heidenhain Q parameter programming is very similar to Macro CNC Programming for Haas and Fanuc.

Once you have grasped the concept of parametric programming you will find Heidenhain Q parameter programming easy to figure out.

Suitable for Fanuc, Mazak and Haas Macro Programming Lathe and machining centre

Haas, Fanuc or similar controls (ISO Mazak).

Haas Macro Programming   Haas Macro ProgrammingHaas Macro Programming

Make sure you have the Macro option on your control, it’s a real disappointment when you get all excited about this only to find you don’t have the option. Remember if you have a touch probe you will almost definitely have Macro installed on your machine.

Good news is you can buy the option, it don’t come cheap so sit the boss down and make him a cup of tea before you ask.

Haas Macro ProgrammingHaas Macro Programming

CNC Macro Programming Training Courses

What Use Will it Be?

This is where CNC Programming gets really exciting, welcome to the turbo charged world of Macro Programming for Haas and Fanuc type controls. There is so much exciting shit you can do with this I really don’t know where to start.

Write your own canned cycle

Yes you always dreamed of having your own personal G code, you can’t call it like Bill’s G code or something but you may have G271 or something which is personal to you.

Say you wanted a drilling cycle that changed speed half way down a hole or some daft thing well now you can do it.

Make A Set of Similar Parts

Imagine you had a bunch of parts that were similar, maybe the same holes but in different positions or a similar shape.

Haas Macro Programming

You could write a parametric (Macro) programme that would be completely adjustable and would make them all instead of having to keep writing similar programmes.

You can build these programmes and add to them as you get better and better and your ideas flood in.

I always say to students to start simple and build on your experience. Just using Macro in its simplest form will inspire you to go on to do greater things.

Interrogate Your CNC Machine

You can get almost any information you want from the machine.

  • Spindle Speed.
  • Position.
  • Datum.
  • Tool Length.
  • What tool is in the spindle.
  • Put the machine into an alarm state when things go wrong like wrong data is input.
  • And loads more.

You can even modify this information and send it back.

Do Calculations

  • Simple trigonometry.
  • Calculate feeds and speeds.
  • Simple maths.
  • Input formula and get answers.

I’m getting really excited just telling you this. It means you can add all sorts of functionality to your machine that you didn’t have before.

What Skills Will I Learn

  • Basic use of variables
  • Creating simple Macro programmes
  • How system variables work
  • How to write probing Macros
  • Creating your own G Codes
  • Create alarms to make sure your Macro users behave
  • Practical use of Macro
  • Creative use of Macro
  • and more, loads more

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