Taking a Screen Shot Fanuc Control

Taking a Screen Shot Fanuc Control

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To take a Screen Shot Fanuc, you will need to have either a data card installed or a USB

Screen Shot Fanuc


In MDI I/O channel needs to be set (4) data card or (17) memory stick

Screen Shot Fanuc

Stick the Card in (or the stick)

Press and hold the shift key for about 10 seconds. You will see the clock stop. That’s how you know it worked. Time will stand still at this point and all the people around you will appear static.

Try not to panic, the world didn’t end. Your control just needs to ponder a while and think about what you just did.

Stop The Clock

Once it’s done your clock wil start again (phew).

Screen Shot Fanuc

Then press CARDScreen Shot Fanuc

Screen will show what is on the data card

Screen Shot Fanuc

The BMP files are your screen shots. You can then view them on your laptop or PC.

Now I know you are saying “what is the fuckin is the use of that”

Well It’s just so that I can show off my knowledge.

Screen Shot Fanuc

A good use is when you are changing parameters. There’s nothing worse than changing a parameter and trashing a £100,000 machine. Help is at hand, luckily you did a screen shot before you changed the parameter and you can view it and change it back.

Good luck with the massive dent in the guarding and the bent tool. No screen shot will fix that.

Screen capture Fanuc, thanks for reading.


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February 25, 2024 at 7:44 am

Hai Sir ,
I want ask one question our CNC machine milling we want connect embed but one machine screen showing only USB but other machine showing EMB where I change PARAMETER please give me a advise

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