Reposition Haas Machine Mid Program

Reposition Haas Machine Mid Program

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Reposition Haas  Mid-Program

Haas machines have the best program restart ever. (Providing you switch it on that is.)

You just move to a position in the program and press CYCLE START.

Piss easy.

Reposition Haas

But what if you want to stop a program and move the tool away to look at what you did?

Same Shit different Day

Did you ever work on a machine for years then some smart arse like me comes along and tells you something you didn’t realize it could do?

Well that happened to me the other day, except I did know but never got round to trying it. Anyway if I had said “oh I already knew that” he would have thought I was a smart arsed prick.

Needles to say I didn’t say that.

Back to Reposition Haas  Mid-Program

Well you guessed it they even thought of that.

It means you can drill a hole, move the drill away and have a good look inside and then continue with the program just like nothing ever happened.

Here We Go

First of all Press Feed Hold button.

Reposition Haas

Actually it’s not that one it’s the red one next to it, sorry but I don’t have an animated GIF for that.

Then press X, Y or Z followed by the Handle Jog button.

The control will now store the X, Y, and Z positions.

You will now see the message  “Jog Away”on the screen.

Now use your handwheel to move the tool away.

Reposition Haas

You can use other manual controls to stop spindle and coolant etc if you wish.

Do whatever you want to do.

  • Inspect the part.
  • Blow the hole out.
  • Remove your own appendix without anesthetic.

Now move the tool close to where it originally was making sure nothing is in the way for it to hit.

Now go back into memory mode.

Press Cycle Start.

Reposition Haas

The control will display the message “Jog Return”

X and Y will move back to position at 5% .

Then axis.

And bang away you go.

The program continues.

Thanks for watching and reading

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