Programme Copy Fanuc Oi

Programme Copy Fanuc Oi

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Before we start, Programme Copy Fanuc. I have decided to stop moaning, I’m just sick of the sound of my own voice constantly complaining about just about everything. These days there just seems so much shit going on at any one time that theres always something skulking in the background waiting to piss me off.

Well today it’s not going to happen, today instead of grumbling about how awkward it is to copy a programme on a Fanuc Oi control. I am going to explain how easy it is.

I think sometimes it’s not that something is hard to do it’s just that we can’t be arsed to get out the manual and drudge through the boring shit to find how to do it.

Heres One (I found in the book)

Increase Decrease Scale Oi Graphics

On the graphics screen on the Fanuc Oi control you press P to increase the scale and M to decrease the scale.

I mean that’s bloody obvious isn’t it. (Sorry I said no moaning). Took me a week and a powerful microscope to find that in the thick fat Oi Fanuc manual.

Programme Copy Fanuc

Programme Copy Fanuc

First of all press EX-EDT it’s this little beast

Good luck finding it (sorry no moaning).

Solution to finding Softkeys On a Fanuc Control

Beat the shit out of the fuckin keyboard with two fingers, simultaneously pressing every button, till the screen comes up that you want.

My many years of working on these controls has taught me this.

What Next, Programme Copy Fanuc

Press Copy

Programme Copy Fanuc

Then press ALL

Come on now it’s going great

New mouse for my CAD CAM system


Now This Bit I didn’t Know

What I always do here is just press EXEC

The programme will then manifest as programme O0000 and you just change it’s number to the one you want. O3 ALTER you know that kind of thing.

Pay Attention You’re Not At Work Now

If you look closely at the screen shot above you’ll see I’ve input 3. Just type in 3 then press INPUT

It looks like this


Now when you press EXEC guess what, it creates a new programme (programme O0003)

So there you have it. My advice as always is to keep using these techniques and shortcuts until they become second nature.

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