Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter 1201

Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter 1201

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Messing With Parameters Can Be Fatal!!!!!

Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter, altering this parameter will make the control reset back to G54.

If you find it annoying that your control keeps jumping back to G54 when you press reset change this parameter to a 1.

To change parameters you need to go to the setting screen in MDI.

First of all take a deep breath and prepare yourself.

Now put a 1 in the parameter write box.

Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter 1201

How annoying is it when you press reset on your Fanuc control and suddenly it dumps the work offset. You know your in G55 and it jumps back to G54.

I reminds me of my teenage years when girls used to hit the reset button on me. I didn’t default to G54 or anything just got really pissed off.

One particularly ungrateful girl dumped me after I had spent nearly an hour trying to explain to her about the system variables on a Fanuc Control. I even offered to lend her the Fanuc Manual.

This parameter is quite difficult to find. Now I know I often go on about me not being very bright but it really is true. I often say to customers I’m the one who just reads all the boring shit in the manuals that you can’t be bothered with and that’s really all I do.

It’s actually true although,0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 I do like to think that I have a good way of explaining things in “layman’s terms” as they call it, profanities included.

(sorry the cat sat on my keyboard again)


This is my cat she is called Hagnes, that’s not a typo. Her name was Agnes but as she is an upper class cat I added an H because posh people add H to a lot of words.

They often say words wrong like they say “help” when they mean “elp” it’s no wonder we don’t know what the fuck they are on about.

This is all really hypocritical from the guy who fuckin hates it when people put gratuitous crap on Linkedin that belongs on TikTok or Facebook. I mean do I really care if you had two eggs for your fuckin breakfast or one.

Anyway she did stand on my fuckin keyboard.


The parameter, the parameter oh yes…..

The reason not many people adjust this parameter is because it’s kind of hidden. That means it’s down to people like me who sit reading Fanuc Parameter Manuals when all other adult men are playing Candy Crush or Cyberpunk 2077.

This Is It Folks (1201 bit 7)

Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter

This is the Explanation.

Extract from an ancient Fanuc manual dating back to biblical times.

Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter
Parameter 1201 bit 6

Always read the small print.

Must admit I didn’t read the little note above until I changed this parameter for one of my victims the other day. It didn’t work. Just altered the one below and Bingo.

This Parameter will Need Changing TooReset To G54 Fanuc Parameter

Phew I need a lie down after that.

This parameter is complicated because it’s all about G code groups. Every G code is in a group it is not something you need to worry too much about until you get on to more advanced Macro Programming.

If you think of it as G codes that you couldn’t have in the same block like G0 G1 G2 and G3.

You can only have one or the other. I mean you couldn’t G0 and G1 together that would be stupid telling the machine to rapid and feed at the same time.

Well…… these are in the same group it’s group 1 actually.

This parameter will reset whatever G code is active in group 14.

Group 14 just happens to be G54 G55 G56 G57 G58 and G59 (your work offsets).

As they are all in the same group (14) only one can be active.

So all it means is when you press reset if the machine was in G55 G56 G57 G58 or G59 it would always default back to G54

Now you know how to reset to G54 by altering a Parameter.

So 1 means don’t reset to G54 and 0 means reset to G54

Here is More Total Confusion

Parameter are listed like this


Reset To G54 Fanuc Parameter
Parameter bits

I’ve written the bit number below because it can be a bit confusing. There are 8 bits beginning with bit zero. The first one is not bit 1 it’s actually bit zero.

So what’s confusing?

Well for one thing they work from right to left.

The other thing is they start at number zero not number one.

It’s all because they are binary numbers without these you and I would still be winding handles and drinking out of our hands and living in caves.

I’m not gonna go there by the way.

Just One Thing

Oh just one other thing before you go off and cripple your machine forever.

Do yourself a favour take a picture of the screen before you change your parameter.

Make a screen shot if you can.

If you ain’t got a camera then you must have a piece of paper so write it down.

(Oh and get a fuckin camera, you dinosaur, they are very useful you can take pictures of your arse and send them to your mates)

Even better back everything up, on our machine that is.


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Uriel VArgas

January 29, 2021 at 7:17 pm

You sire are dam good,

Now My question is still relevant to this topic, see I come from the Sinumerik840d World, down there G53 is used to Reset all your work offsets G54,G55,G56…
This means the machine moves in Machine coordinates only.

for what I understood and please correct me if I am wrong.
Parameter 1201 bit 0.7 will either keep the machine in the current work offset after a reset event for example G57.

or when set the other way, the machine will Jump out of G57 to and set itself in G54, is this accurate?

Do you know of a way to deactivate all work offsets and have the machine moving in machine coordinates Similar to siemens G53, without using (G53 in every line, since it is not modal)


    January 31, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    If you put a zero in this parameter when you press reset the machine will go into G54 and not retain the offset you are in.
    So if you programmed G90 G0 G55 X0 Y0 then pressed reset the machine would default to G54
    If you then program G0 X0 Y0 the machine will assume you mean G0 G54 X0 Y0

    I don’t know of any way you can deactivate the work offsets G54 to G59.
    Could I ask why you want to do this?
    Thank you very much for reading my articles and your kind comments.

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