Fanuc Parameter Write Switch

Fanuc Parameter Write Switch

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Messing With Parameters Can Be Fatal!!!!!

To change parameters you need to go to the setting screen in MDI. Now put a 1 in the parameter write box.

Some more interesting parameters

3203 Clear MDI Screen

3401 Calculator Type Decimal Point or Integer

3402 G Codes that are Active When The machine is Turned On

6005 Allows the Use of Local Subroutines (Newer Control)

6050-6059  Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with a G Code

6080-6089 Allows you to Call a 9000 series Program with An M Code

5003 Retain Geometry when you Press Reset


Oh just one other thing before you go off and cripple your machine forever.

Do yourself a favor take a picture of the screen before you change a parameter. If you aint got a camera then you must have a piece of paper.

Even better back everything up.


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Pascal Siegwart

October 2, 2020 at 9:52 am

Hi David, my Name is Pascal and i live in Germany. So.. i have a big Problem with an Fanuc 32iB.

How can i fix the issue “PS5541 Basic Software illegal”.
The old Control Unit doesnt work anymore ,so i copied everything on a new control unit with the same options an reinstalled in the machine.
Is there a Parameter a have to set??

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