New CNC Machines, Explore the Old One First

New CNC Machines, Explore the Old One First

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New CNC Machines? Make Use of What You Already Have

New CNC Machines

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Before you buy any new CNC machines or computer systems checkout what you already have you might be surprised at what you can do. Breath life into the old beast.

Before buying New CNC Machines is there more you can do with the old one.
Mori Seiki Lathe


About 10 years ago my big gripe with companies when looking at increasing productivity and improving production methods, was that there was little investment in new technologies.

New CNC Machines represent a massive investment
Mazak Integrex Lathe

Now You Have New Machines

I think that now things are a bit different companies have invested in New CNC Machines and computer systems, although there is still room for improvement. Being the grumpy old ageing failed rock star that I am, my moan now is that the technologies that people have invested in are not being used to their maximum capabilities.

New CNC Machines

Bright Ideas

These are some of my suggestions and your MD will love the fact that they all cost little or no money:

  • Read the manuals on your CNC machine just the first few pages (not the boring health and safety shit, the next bit) bet you will learn something you didn’t know.

  • Now, about that probe in the carousel (covered in swarf, shit and coolant) that no one knows how to use. Learn to use it. Come on now there are loads of idiots like me posting free videos on this stuff. Once you use one I will guarantee your life will never be the same.

  • Check out the settings on your Haas machine (I can always get people excited about what these can do) look at the Haas tips n tricks page on their website. You will learn loads of stuff to impress your mates, not at the pub though please.

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Edgecam (or your chosen CAM system). Edgecam and all software is evolving rapidly and you could be really missing out. If you have a software maintenance contract then you’re pouring money down the drain by not using the support.

  • Try to make a point of learning something new every day. (I am 86 and I still do) write them all in a book so you can look back and use your ideas.

That’s Not All

Check out the options on your machine. Maybe you have some really cool options you didn’t even know about. Might even be worth shelling out a few quid to buy some extras.

  • Rigid tapping.
  • Through spindle coolant.
  • Higher RPM.
  • Macro B.
  • Peck Tapping.
  • Extended work offsets.
  • Extra editing functions.

Watch These Videos

Copy a program on a Fanuc 18i

Copy and paste on Fanuc 18i


Oh and There’s More

If you really want to spend money I can help you with this I’ve already spent nearly all of mine. .

  1. Consider buying a touch probe, they save hours in setting time.
  2. Auto tool measurement probes can be used to set tools automatically. You will also be able to do in program checks for tool breakage etc.
  3. Add Macro B to your Haas or Fanuc control for loads of extra features.
  4. Add a speeder unit to increase maximum RPM.
  5. Consider adding a 4th axis to your vertical machining centre this will give loads of extra capacity and flexibility. Not cheap but well worth it.

But Most Of All Get Us To Train You

Please let me know how this goes, enter your comments below.

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