Moving Stuff Around In Edgecam Part Modeler

Moving Stuff Around In Edgecam Part Modeler

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Edgecam Part Modeler and Edgecam

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At the CNC Training Centre we offer training on Edgecam Part Modeler and Edgecam.

Where we have been most effective in training companies and employees is in the full integration of the Edgecam suite of programs.

Edgecam Part Modeler


The Edgecam powerful suite of Programs,

  • Solid modelling in Part Modeler.
  • Edgecam Designer
  • Create CNC code with Edgecam.
  • Edit CNC program Editor.
  • With PartXplore you can interrogate models in any format and produce assemblies and all kinds of shit.
  • You can build your own fully modeled fully functional tool store.
  • Edgecam comes with an easy to use wizard for creating fully modeled post processors from a template or from scratch.


Edgecam In Anger

Edgecam Part Modeler

We can help you to use Edgecam to transport you into the present.

Modelling fixtures and tooling to create meaningful simulation.

You will save hours in lost production through collisions and errors at the coal face.


  • We can teach you how to easily design simple fixtures on the fly.
  • Test them.
  • Adjust them and import clamps and fittings off the shelf
  • All this without cutter touching metal and most of all without production loss and collision.

Here is a tutorial video that explains all about how you can easily move things around in Part Modeler

It’s really easy once you understand the rules.


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