Just an address will do…

Just an address will do…

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Just an address will do

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Just an address will do.

When you work on a machine day after day or you work on the same CAD system. I believe that every now and then you need to look at what you are doing and take stock. You know like when you can’t quite get something to work correctly and you find a way to frig it.

Well done you got yourself out of a mess. But hang on a minute that was two years ago. So when you gonna take the time to find out what was the correct way?

It’s time to get off your fat arse and do something about it.

Sometimes when I am training people I feel like I am being really fussy when I pick them up on minor annoying things they do when operating a machine. By the way I don’t mean things like scratching your bollocks.

For example leading zeros (don’t get me going on that).

Right, your on a Fanuc or Haas control and you want to call program one and you type in O0001 and press search or lower cursor.

Just an address will do

No no no!

Just type in O1 that’s all you need. Honestly it drives me bloody bonkers.

Here is an idea just spend one day sorting all these little things out. I tell you now the saving over a year, once you force yourself to do everything the quick way, is massive and it’s there forever.

There is a slow convoluted way and there’s a right way.

Check out the shortcut keys on your favorite bit of software and use em. It’s amazing once you get a grip on it.

How do you copy and paste? You can let me know on that one.

Anyway Enough Ranting This is The Post

Just an address will do when you are typing code into a Haas control. You don’t need to type the zero. How cool is that?

Impress your mates with this one, or better still the boss (you may get a raise…….  not)

Type in G X Y and press input. (This could be in MDI or EDIT mode)

Yes that’s all you need.

It will go in as G00 X0 Y0

These clever Americans can just guess what you are trying to do.

So much easier, one day all controls will be this good.

There you go just an address will do.

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