Haas Screenshot How to Make One

Haas Screenshot How to Make One

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You might not know it but if you put your memory stick into your Haas control then press and hold SHIFT as you press F1 you get a Haas screenshot or a (Haas screen capture) on your memory stick.

Haas Screenshot

It is really useful if you need help because you can save a record of what is on the screen.

With this Haas Screen Capture. You could use it for set up sheets. It will also be useful if you want to create training literature.

If you want to enter a name for your screen capture just input it before doing the above.

I love the fact that Haas are constantly improving their products the machines are so well thought out. They were the first ones to incorporate a coolant hose to clean down the machine.


I notice now some things do come as extras but they still come well loaded. It’s not like when you buy a car and you find that all the things that really attracted you to it (don’t we just love the toys) are extras.

Haas Screenshot
Range rover with no wheels

Just having a memory stick on a machine is really good. I cant help but think that it seems to be taking so long for machine tool companies to really get to grips with technology.

Sometimes when I am training people who never worked a CNC before I feel embarrassed to say “oh the memory is like the size of a 1980’s calculator”

Haas Screenshot
1970’s Calculator

The editing on some controls (and I won’t name names, as I can’t retire yet) is poor to say the least. Students used to using a PC expect to be able to easily COPY and PASTE bits of programme.

Good luck with that one.

Fanuc Screen Capture

Yes you can do it.

Where’s The UNDO Button?

UNDO (don’t even go there) some do have it. But wouldn’t it be great if you could UNDO things like offset changes. These things are gradually coming in on new controls but I can’t believe how slow it’s all been.

And you thought this articcle was just about taking a Haas Screenshot

Anyway I’m rambling again (only doing it to get the word count up), I will be using this Haas Screen Capture all the time. Typical Haas practical, user friendly. Keep up the good work boys.

Fanuc Screen Shot

Yes Fanuc Does it Too

Go to a screen you would like to capture.

Press and hold the [SHIFT] button for 5 seconds.

The control appears to lock up for about 15 seconds.

Once it frees up an image will be on your memory stick or memory card.

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