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Haas Programming Milling and Turning

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Haas Programming, the Haas CNC control is very similar to Fanuc and all other ISO type controls. There are settings that you can alter to change its behaviour. This means that you can get it to perform in a similar way to your other controls.

Haas Programming

It is really useful if you need to be able to transfer programs from one machine to the other. It is well worth taking the time to get all your controls to function in the same way.

Link to all Haas settings.

That is probably the major downfall in using some of the special features that different controls have. It is always worth considering this if you are using some unique feature. It may not work on your other controls.

This is why a lot of people use the ISO option on a Mazatrol (Mazak) machine. It means that you can take programmes from your Fanuc or Haas machine and run them on your Mazak. With careful consideration to all your controls this flexibility can be achieved.

Haas Programming

Learning Haas Programming

The Haas control for example has a corner rounding feature whereby you programme a shape as if it has no corner radii. You then add the corners on as an afterthought.

Personally although this sounds very useful in practice it isn’t that common for a drawing to show intersection points. I think the best use is on a square shape. You might want to use it on a square shape to just break the edges. Certainly when Turning it is very useful for breaking sharp edges.

At the CNC Training Centre we can teach you on or offsite. So we could visit you and offer a training course to suit your individual needs. Alternatively if you want to escape your busy day-to-day environment then a classroom training course may be more suitable.


Haas Programming on the Job

Another way to train is to produce an actual part as we train. This has a lot of advantages.

  • You end up with a template part and program that you can use for other jobs.
  • Minimum production loss.
  • Problems are identified as they occur.
  • You make mistakes and increase learning speed.
  • Weakness in knowledge are recognised as they manifest.


My mission is to get the best use out of the technology that you already have (read this and see).

Haas machines are packed with common sense useful features. Your Haas Programming training will unlock the full potential of your machine.

It is very exciting when someone has had a machine for five or more years to show them features they never knew existed.

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