G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning

G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning

G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning. Facing on a CNC Lathe is no big deal. You just call out the tool, start the spindle, rapid to the part n face the job.

G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning


G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning

But then what do you do when you get to the end of the batch of work and find you have got some parts with extra metal on the lengths.

G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning

Now you need to add a lot of extra code. This takes a while and it’s easy to make a mistake.

So enter our Knight in Shining Armor


This is how it looks for the first cut

So if you got into the habit of using G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning.

When you want to add more cuts it’s easy, piss easy.

So if this blank had 3mm on the face it’s really easy to add some more cuts.

G94 Facing Cycle CNC Turning

Oh just one other thing

This cycle is modal. Notice how all we did was add some Z figures and it just did the facing.

Well just like your wife when you got drunk 15 years ago and urinated in the bed. Well……

It remembers.

So that means we need to stop it. Just by adding a rapid command G0 or G00. It stops. It forgets.

Oh and don’t try n space the code out here because if you leave an extra block in it will face the part again.

I think I need to be honest with you here and confess that until recently I have never seen the point of this G94 code. But now I have seen the error of my ways and I think this demonstrates just how useful it can be.

Now I know some smart prick will say “Oh well I just use G71” . Yes that’s fine but don’t you think it is rather complicated just to face the front off a part that’s too fuckin long?

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