G92 Threading Single Line Method

G92 Threading Single Line Method

G92 threading Cycle is something that concerns me. It’s sadly neglected. Now I know you’re probably saying “no one uses that old shit anymore”

Well you could be wrong.

G92 Threading works exactly the same as G76 except you need to programme every pass. This would be a pain in the arse but hear me out.

The Haas G76 cycle does not have any facility for a spring pass. This is where you add extra cuts at the end of a threading cycle to take out any metal left from the tool pushing off.

On a Fanuc control you can put these extra spring passes in as part of the G76 cycle.

Read this if you need to know more.

If you want this on your Haas control or an old Fanuc control then you can do this.

G76 X16.93 Z-25. K1.534 D.485 F2.5

G92 X16.93 Z-25.

Just add the G92 after your G76 cycle and whatever X figure you want to go to.

The G92 is modal so you will need a G0 move to cancel it. The code above would give you three spring passes.

Here is a load more interesting stuff.

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