Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

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Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start. On fanuc controls programme restart has never been a great thing. What most people do is start from a tool change line.

So, you go into edit mode. Search for the tool you want to start at. Change to Memory (Auto) and press the cycle start.

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Easy, but what if you select the wrong line. That’s a potential crash.

So imagine you did this and bent the machine. The boss says “Ok this is a no blame culture”. Then after he fires you and shoves a P60 up your arse he looks for a way to stop this happening again.

mmm corned beef hash for tea

Memory Search

With a Fanuc control the only thing you can search for in MEMORY (AUTO) mode is an N number.

Why you may ask?

Read on to find out why I think they did this.

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Here is the Plan

  • Each tool has an N number that corresponds to it’s T number.
  • You only use N numbers from 1 to 20 for this purpose.
  • N numbers in your turning cycles are in the hundred series N100 to N900
  • If you have to use other N numbers use N1000 to N6000
  • Only restart your programme in MEMORY (AUTO) mode.
  • Search for the tool number you want to start at (T1 will be N1)
  • Off you go.

N Number Corresponds to T Number

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Safe Turning Programme Re-Start

Now I would be a fool to say this can’t go wrong, so I won’t.

  1. You could pick the wrong tool.
  2. You could pick the wrong N number like N6000 for example.
  3. You could be blind drunk

But I think it is quite a good system to implement.

It would certainly work well for an operator who you want to just operate the machine.

In Conclusion

I think Fanuc made your machine so you could only search N numbers in memory so that you could have this safe restart process.

Proof that they love you really.

Create an SOP for programme restart  (Standard Operating Procedure).

This would catalogue exactly how to perform a programme restart within your organisation.

If you are affected by any of the issues raised in this article please contact us.

Oh and let me know what you think. How do you do it? (Programme restart)



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