Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

This article is about CNC Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

(G Code CNC Programming)

It’s not a competition G99 vs G98. sometimes you need G98 sometimes you need G99.

CNC Canned Cycles Using G98 G99, a canned cycle is usually one line of code for example to drill a hole. This one line of code tells the machine all it needs to know about drilling my holes.

G98 G99

  •  Depth
  •  Feedrate.
  •  Point to rapid to before drilling
  •  Point to rapid back to after drilling

Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

G Code Programming Haas Fanuc (ISO) Mazak

What happens then is each time we give the machine a new position it will drill one of these holes. Each hole will be identical unless we change one of the parameters. So if on one hole we put a different Z depth that hole and all subsequent holes will be to the new depth.

CNC Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

So all in all it’s a really easy way to drill holes. You tell it what you want and then each time you give a position you get a hole. Then when you get sick of drilling holes you type in G80.

Machine says OK he don’t want anymore holes so from now on when the machine moves to a position nothing happens.

Mitsubishi Carbide

There are loads of Canned Cycles I can’t be bothered to tell you about them all cos I’m going out tonight otherwise I would explain them. Anyway they all do different stuff like.

  • G84 Tapping
  • G73 High speed Peck Drilling
  • G83 Deep hole Drilling
  • G81 Drilling

They all work in the same way as each other but with variations.

Now the video at the bottom of the page is about CNC Canned Cycles Using G98 G99 and that’s in all the drilling and tapping type cycles.

Ok what does it do? You may well ask, G99 vs G98

I know for a fact that some of you, and I won’t mention names, put this on the line with the canned cycle but you ain’t got a clue what it does. Maybe you don’t even put it in. Maybe you don’t care.
Anyway it’s simple.

  1. You rapid to an initial point
  2. You rapid down close to the hole (this is the R point)
  3. You feed down to depth (Z Depth)
  4. Then you rapid out to either the initial point (1) or the R point (2)

Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

Now if you program G99 it returns to the R point .
If you program G98 it returns to the initial point (that means the first one)

Ok why on earth would I want that?

Well……. if you made the first point say 50mm above the job (About 2 inches) and the rapid point was 1mm above the job (.040”).
You could drill all your holes in G99 and the drill would each time return to 1mm (.040″) above the part. You get to a clamp and you put G98 and it jumps to 50mm (2”) above the part and misses the clamp. Change back to G99 and it stays down returning to 1mm (0.040) above the part.

Get it? So you eliminate wasted moves. Good init.

Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

CNC Canned Cycles Using G98 G99

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