Edgecam Associativity How it Works

Edgecam Associativity How it Works

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This tutorial is about Edgecam Associativity it’s not really a tutorial.

Edgecam Associativity

It’s about the concept of Edgecam Associativity in solid modelling. It shows how you can create a model in your solid modelling system which can be transferred straight through to your programming system.

Edgecam Training

Don’t watch the video about Edgecam Associativity yet, it took me ages to write all this.

The fixture and clamps and components are all modelled and can be adjusted throughout the machining process saving time effort and collision. Even a small thing like a clamp being in the way can cause big problems once we get to the machining process and this is where Edgecam Associativity will help you.

I have got to admit I came kicking and screaming into the world of solid modelling and general CAM programming.

Ten to twelve years ago. I had a guy working for me who was really good on that side so I didn’t really see the need till he left me.

Then I realised how far behind I was, so just think how far behind you are now if you still aint learnt it!

Anyway I got into it big style and now all my Turnkey Projects and all my programming is done using Edgecam and Part Modeler as well as loads of stuff using Inventor and Vericut and it all links together with associativity. So I think you could call me a CAM slut now.

Good news is if you have not made that leap yet it’s even easier. I often think when I am training people on Edgecam that if they have had no experience at all they pick it up really fast. It’s like they do not have the burden of all their past knowledge asking them questions and comparing to the old methods.

Edgecam Associativity

Because systems like Edgecam are evolving at such a fast pace it is sometimes difficult to get users to move on to the latest version especially when Edgecam changed the interface. It felt like I was asking them to remove their own appendix without anaesthetic. I struggled for a while with it, must admit, but now I would never go back cos it’s so much better. Understanding Edgecam Associativity is really exciting.

Edgecam Associativity


Anyway as usual I have gone off at a tangent.

Edgecam Associativity

Associativity is the term we use to define the seamless flow from solid model right through to manufacture. In simple terms you can design all your fixture in your solid modelling system then programme it. You collision check it and find you hit a clamp. “Oh dear” you say “I need associativity”. You move back to your solid modelling system, redesign the clamp, import a new one, move it, the choice is yours. You then save the part, then when you open up your Edgecam (or whatever) it asks you if you want to update your model, you say “yes please” and the job is done and this is because of associativity.

Edgecam Associativity

Edgecam will do all the alterations for you. I always say its a bit like being able to make everything in modelling clay and just cut bits off n stick bits on.

But the greatest thing of all is there are no bangs. No collisions. No searching around for clamps. No getting fired. The list goes on.

Edgecam Associativity


Anyway enough of me banging on, just watch the video about Edgecam Associativity.

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If you don’t like it please don’t tell me because I am easily offended.

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