Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

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Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

Edgecam Part Modeler is once part of the Edgecam suite of programmes. You can create solid models very easily with Edgecam Part Modeler from simple line drawings.

You can move straight into Edgecam from Edgecam Part Modeler and start machining your component.

The brilliant thing is that through associativity you can alter the model and Edgecam will immediately know that you altered it in Part Modeler.

It will then allow you to automatically update the Edgeam programme to suite. Anyway watch my video on associativity

Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

The video below is about how you can build assemblies. This could be something like a fixture with all its bolts and clamps.

This could be one complete assembly and you could move it around and do all sorts of things to it as a single unit.

You can also have sub-assemblies which are assemblies inside assemblies.

Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

The great thing is that if, for example, you make a clamp, a bolt and a nut as a single assembly, when you get into Edgecam and you need to move them over a bit you can easily move them in one go as a single unit.

All you would have to worry about is filling in the hole you left behind and creating a new one in the new position.

Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters

It’s really easy to drag and drop bits or full assemblies around. That means you can take a part and move it into a different assembly very easily.

All CAD system will have a form of assemblies they just may work a little different to Edgecam Part modeller.


This is how you get the various items in your assembly to be displayed on the screen. It’s like each bit has its own light switch so you can see everything or just a single nut.

It’s like stripping your engine down and just seeing the crankshaft without getting oil on your mothers carpet.

In Edgecam Part Modeler you just set up a load of filters, give them meaningful names like whatsit and thingummy.

Then you tell each filter what bit you want it to show. It works the same way as Layers in Edgecam (did you watch the video?)

When you click the filter, well that’s the light-switch.

Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters Edgecam Tutorial Assemblies and Filters


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