Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial, Parametric Model

Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial, Parametric Model

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Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial

Imagine you have a family of parts to create models for. The parts are all of a similar shape but the sizes vary in sizes.

Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial
Rotating Washers

This Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial Video explains how to link your model to an XL Spread Sheet.

For simplicity I am using a washer but it could be something far more complex.

In this Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial the thickness, bore diameter, outside diameter and chamfer size are listed for eight washers in a spread sheet. This spread sheet links to Part Modeler and you can add as many washers as you choose and vary the sizes.

One of my big projects over the last few years has been creating Macro Programmes for the machining of wedding rings. People who know me are saying “did they really trust him with all that precious metal“.

Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial
Gold Bars

A wedding ring is quite a simple thing to produce on a CNC Lathe or so I thought. The customer then happened to mention that there were 250 styles. He needed to produce them in six different materials and in every size.

Try one if you want to get married all you need is a partner.

A quick bit of maths there are 143 sizes, 250 styles. Oh dear that’s like millions of programmes.

The clever ones amongst you already feel a Macro Programme coming on. I have love hate relationship with Macros.

Use them correctly and you have a very powerful tool. Used wrongly as they often are, they are a recipe for collisions and bullshit.

One of my Golden Rules is never over complicate CNC Code for your customer ie the CNC Setter Operator. Anyway no more ranting. This wedding ring Macro is a masterpiece and has been developed over nearly three years.

Hear is something you might not know. Edgecam Part Modeler can calculate weights if given the density of the material.

How cool is that?

Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial
Get Weight

Anyway that was where I got thinking about linking a spreadsheet to Part Modeler (here is another video). The spreadsheet contains all the data for the wedding rings (all 250 of them) in any size.

By clicking on  a ring the model is produced and the weight calculated. I can’t actually show you this because of confidentiality agreements. It’s not like I am the James Bond of CNC Programming. But they would kill me if I told you how it’s done.

Anyway I know that once you see this Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial your imagination will run away. It is a part of my job I really love. Seeing people learn something and then go on to put it to use.

I am lucky enough to work with people who are often way more creative and intelligent than me. Once they are given the tools to work with anything can happen.

Watch this Edgecam Part Modeler Tutorial and release your creative skills.



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