Edgecam Instruction Simulation

Edgecam Instruction Simulation

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Edgecam Instruction Simulation

In Edgecam there are two ways that you can simulate your programmes:

  1. Full simulation, this includes machine and fixture as well as tool collision detection.


  2. Instruction Simulation, individual or all your instructions can be simulated as you produce them.


This article is about Edgecam Instruction simulation.

You can simulate the whole sequence using the simulator in Edgecam. This is really good for collision checking and being sure that your final programme will run ok.

Before the full simulation you can run a simulation from the instruction window. You can see the tool path and accurately see the shape you are machining.

It is really useful for checking your tool path as you produce it. But it does not check for collisions.

The attached video shows you how to tune in to a specific part of your toolpath and analyze it by using the zoom function.

Top Slider

The top slider shows the progress of the simulation throughout the instruction list. Slide it with your mouse to fast forward or back through the simulation.

The current cycle or command is displayed (‘Finish Turning’ in this example).


Speed Control

You can control the speed of the simulation by moving the bottom slider, left to slow down and right to speed up.



The number to the right of the bottom slider acts as a multiplier to the speed set by the slider. Use the buttons to the left of the number to change it.



Click the Constant button to activate it and set the simulation to run at a fixed rate. Click the button again to deactivate it, the tool will then move at a rate proportional to the feeds in the cycle.


Using the Stop button halts the simulation for the current tool only.




Watch This Video to See How:

You can narrow the selection to an individual instruction or just a small part of the cutter path.

Just drag the slider while holding down the SHIFT key, then click Zoom. Now when you play the simulation it will just be you chosen part.

Click Zoom again to return to the the full simulation of the instruction list.

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