Protected: Principles of mechanical manufacturing engineering

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What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the operating principles of computer numerically controls machine tools
  • Describe how to produce a part -programme to demonstrate the relative work/tool movement of a CNC machine tool
  • Describe how to prove the part -programme using simulation software
  • Critically compare CNC machine tools against non-CNC machine tools
  • Describe how to evaluate cutting tools materials for given applications (CNC and non-CNC)

Topics for this course

36 Lessons4h 48m 41s

(1) Compare CNC to non CNC?

Critically compare: production (mass, flow, batch, job), ease of programming, repeatability, prototypes, skill levels and other factors.
(1) Cutting metal CNC and non CNC00:6:46
(1) Cutting metal CNC and non CNC
(2) Comparing CNC to non CNC00:17:06
(2) Comparing CNC to non CNC

(2) Operating principles of a CNC?

Operating principles: open loop system, closed loop system, control systems (closed loop servo motors associated transmission, stepper motors and associated transmission), types and function of position transducers (rotary type, optical gratings), digital control

(3) CNC Operation?

How to operate a CNC in the differnet modes

(4) Cutting Tools?

Cutting tools materials: high carbon steel (HCS), high speed steel (HSS), tungsten carbide, ceramic.

(5) How to produce a CNC Program?

Part-programme: co-ordinate positioning (absolute, incremental), use of sub-routines, macros and canned-cycles, role of CADCAM

(6) How to prove the Program?

Learn how a program is first tested using a computer program and on the actual CNC Machine

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