Copy Paste Fanuc CNC Control

Copy Paste Fanuc CNC Control

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Copy Paste Fanuc CNC Control, here is a video that shows you how to copy and paste on a Fanuc control.

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Copy Paste Fanuc CNC Control, in the video I am using the Fanuc 18i on a big vertical lathe but most Fanuc controls are the same or very similar.

I was surprised recently at a company to see that the CNC operators although quite advanced in their programming knowledge didn’t use the copy and paste function on their vertical lathes with Fanuc controls. 

It’s so easy to carry on your day to day work and ignore the functionality of your Fanuc CNC control. Do you have buttons or soft keys you never use or don’t even know what they do. Shame on you. Now is the time to repent.

 Copy Paste Fanuc


It is a little bit awkward to use but worth messing with till you get the knack. I promise you will never go back once you master it.

Fanuc controls are not known for their amazing editing features but it is worth spending a bit of time on this. We call it wasting time to save time. This is when you have to waste time training yourself to master a new technique and then forcing yourself to use it until it’s second nature after that there’s no turning back honest.

The good thing about Copy Paste Fanuc use is that when you copy something you can’t make typing errors. when you come to prove the programme you know that it is the same as before so it makes prove-out safer. Try and let the computer do all the work wherever possible. 

This short video shows how to copy and paste on a Fanuc control. It’s done on an 18i control but lots of other Fanuc controls work exactly the same.

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