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Background Edit Fanuc

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Background edit, I only really get to hear about background edit when people get stuck in it. It’s a bit like being accidentally locked in a toilet you feel a bit of a twat and very embarrassed in equal measures.

This button is your closest friend

Now I made it real big because one day it will save your life.

You know when you play Monopoly and you get one of those cards that says “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE”

If you get sent to jail you just present this card and your sentence is immediately quashed it’s a bit like having Donald Trump as a mate.

It doesn’t work for shop lifting by the way I tried it as a child when I nicked a tin of Spam from the Coop. Fortunately in those days the police were never involved as they knew your parents would beat you to within an inch of your life at the slightest hint of petty larceny.

Anyway press this button background edit all your woes will cease.

And if that doesn’t work this one is the nuclear option.

background edit

The first one is for the program you’re actually background editing. Don’t forget you can have more than one program that you are background editing, more on this later.

Anyway this button stops them all, a clean sheet as it were.

Oh Dear

The reason people get into such a mess with this is because you can actually get into background editing by accident it’s easy.

If you are in a folder and you press INPUT then whatever program your cursor is on immediately comes up for background editing.

If you do this a few times then you can have several programs on the screen to edit.


You can switch between these programs and edit any one. You can copy and paste between them which makes writing programs from templates really easy.

Use the FORWARD and BACKWARD softkeys to switch between programs

To escape this lot you need the help of this key

background edit

This will end it all.

Background Edit is Amazing

Yes background edit is really useful, maybe amazing is stretching it a bit, but it does have many uses. Editing a few programs together is the bit I like.

If you want to edit whilst you are running a program then that’s also useful.

Background edit Warning

Don’t hit the fuckin reset button!!!!

Obviously this will stop everything so why would you do it?

Well maybe you are one of those very naughty boys who uses it to get to the head of the program when editing.

When in background edit it’s easy to press reset except this time you just stopped everything because your program is running.

Change Your Habits

Use rewind, some controls have a rewind button

use this to get to the head of the program.

On other controls it’s LINE SEARCH then press TOP or BOTTOM

This will take you directly to the head of your program or the end of your program.

Nothing is stopped and no one is harmed.

background edit


Why I Hate Background Edit

It’s an absolute pain in the bollocks mainly because it is so easy to accidentally get into background edit and not even realise.

You keep pressing the MDI button and the screen just wont change. If you have Guide i then you will get a warning when you switch over and you can’t do anything until you end it.

To be honest I don’t hate it at all. You just need to be aware that you need to come out of it to do various other things.

Another Useful Feature

If you want to use a program for reference. In other words you want to look at what’s in it but you need to be careful not to alter it.

Press BG EDIT then type in your program number


Your program will appear in green meaning it is “read only” so you can’t accidentally alter it.

What’s Running in The Background?

You can also call your running program in background edit. This will also appear in green and be read only.



How to Become a CNC Operator

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On or Offsite CNC Training
Tel: David 07834 858 407

A rabbit can’t be a CNC Operator.

Every career has to start somewhere. In the world of CNC Machining it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start as a cnc machine operator.

So Where Do You Start?

“Where shall I begin, please your Majesty?” asked the White Rabbit.

Begin at the beginning,” the King said gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.”

The perfect route would be just like me in the old days.

When I started at Rolls Royce in 1970. I phoned up Mr Rolls, or was it Mr Royce, and said “can you give me an apprenticeship?”

Fortunately he didn’t pick up on the fact that I was a lazy piece of shit and he gave me a job.

At the end of it all I got to earn £60 a week and had the “Freedom of The City”

When I asked what “Freedom of the City” actually meant, I was told that one of the perks was that I could drive my sheep across the common, in Coventry, whenever I wanted.

I was so pleased to be informed of this and couldn’t wait to get home to tell my mum and my dad.

Once the harsh reality hit and I realised I had no sheep, in fact no livestock at all.

I had a Guinea pig and was still mourning the death of my hamsters, Steven.


What the fuck is it with hamsters has anyone ever had one that lived more than eighteen months?

Is it gods way of helping children to come to terms with death?

I spent half my childhood years at hamster funerals, one friend or another would lose a beloved hamster almost weekly.

I wish I’d set up a business selling them I’d have made a fortune instead of spending my time writing all this crap.

They should have a fuckin expiry date tattooed on their ears or something so at least you could prepare yourself for their inevitable demise.

I blame my mother who wouldn’t let me have a Gerbil because they had long tails and she said that frightened her.

I mean she could have had the fuckin tail surgically removed cheaper than the cost of buying another bloody hamster every few months.

Hands off my fuckin tail I’ll ring the RSPCA you bastard

 The Fast-Track Route (CNC Operator)

So what if you don’t have time for an apprenticeship? You just want to get in there.

I have found that in engineering the most important thing is that you can do the job. Once you prove that your in.

No one really gives a flying shit weather you have a PHD, or a Grade One Swimming Certificate and a badge that says “I’ve been a Good Boy” from when you had your Polio vaccination.

At some point you need to find a company that will give you an opportunity as an absolute novice. Fortunately there are still plenty of these around.

Look for a company that has all the machines you want to work on. Then try and get a job, even if it’s only cleaning the shit-houses. Lots of people have started off in companies doing simple tasks like de-burring parts and then move on to the job they really want.

CNC Training Centre

I would recommend that you start by doing this course with us.

Absolute Beginners CNC Operator

This will get you started as a CNC Operator.

The course is for absolute beginners. The only thing you need to bring along is a real interest in CNC Machining.

It is a two day course that gives you an introduction to CNC Machining and operating a CNC Machine.

Virtual Reality

When you train at the CNC Training Centre You get your own virtual machine to practice on.

When you complete your training with us you can start applying for CNC Operator Jobs.

We recommend that you do the two day beginners course then continue with either Setter Operator Milling or Setter Operator Turning.

Be Patient

Your time will come. Keep listening and learning and watching.

YouTube has loads of CNC related stuff. You can learn about tooling and machining. When the opportunities come you will be ready.

CNC Operator, The Catch

You don’t have experience even though there are loads CNC operator jobs

Well yes this is a problem.

So What is, in your favour?

Don’t forget it’s not just about operating a machine.

  • You are reliable.
  • You can you get out of bed in the morning and you are never late.
  • Tidy worker?
  • Friendly?
  • Will you do overtime if asked?

The list goes on so sell your good points and don’t forget the fact that you trained with us and it was on your own initiative and enthusiasm.

Direct potential employers to this website to let them look at what you have already done.

You’ll get a certificate of completion so make sure you show them this.

Above all no bullshit. Make sure you don’t exaggerate. If you bulshit, everyone will end up dissapointed and your confidence will take a massive knock.

They will more than likely recognise the CNC Training Centre and may have had staff train here.CNC Operator

Next Step (Become CNC Operator)

Once you get a job as a CNC Operator don’t just read the newspaper (younger readers may need to google “newspaper”). Or piss around with your mobile phone all day.

  • Read the programme
  • Look at the modal G Codes
  • Try n work out what the machine is doing
  • Ask for a printout of the programme.
  • Ask loads of questions
  • Pay attention when someone is setting your machine for you.
  • Make sure you show a real interest in what’s going on.

When opportunities arrive to progress, and they will, you will be ready.

One day when you ask your setter to adjust something like an offset he will be too busy. This is when you get your chance.

Femco HL 25N CNC Lathe

On or Offsite CNC Training
Tel: David 07834 858 407

A Femco, yes they let me out again, tagged but free to train my victims.

Sooo, today I got to work on a Femco not to be confused with products designed to keep your private parts smelling nice n fresh


As is often the case there were no machine manuals. This is not like pissing into the wind no no this is pissing into a fuckin sunami with a water infection (tsunami so that’s how you spell it).

This one is the Femco HL 25N, Fanuc Oi TD control with macro, whoopee.

Femco HL 25N CNC Lathe

Nice simple two axis lathe, absolute doddle.

No Manuals, No Doddle

Anyway I couldn’t get it to bloody budge. It was like trying to get a teenager out of bed at 6am in the morning (fuck you).

It does everything except for Zero return, Jog and Rapid mm mmm. Apart from that it was great.

Definitely won’t be able to bull-shit my way out of this one.

Hand-wheel, check.
Spindle on off, check.
Index turret, check.
Coolant on, check.
Light on, check.

I suppose I could tell the customer that it was a demo machine and never designed to actually move around. Only thing is they want to make stuff on it so that idea wouldn’t work.

Anyway there was only one way to do this, we decided to take a very logical precise and scientific way to solve this problem of the lazy turret.

Yes you guessed it, we just keep pressing buttons until something happened. Pushing buttons on the fly as it were.

Low and behold it worked.

Is it me or is it outright blindingly shit-faced obvious????


Please tell me no. You hold the button in the middle as you press the outside buttons. Works for RAPID, JOG and ZERO RETURN

Normally that button is to change the moves to rapid. Not here, this machine has a rapid mode.


In fact everything on this dial except for the first four selections.

Sooo. That meant we could zero return the machine, phew.

Only an hour into the training and we’re just moving the machine around. But honestly how would I fuckin know. I mean without a manual and unless you worked one of these beasts before you couldn’t know.

Talking of bull-shit it’s something I never do, I mean yes I do bull-shit everybody does especially after 14 pints of lager.

No I mean when I’m training people. I’ve learnt it’s best to say sorry I don’t know. Then afterwards I will spend hours making sure I do know.

Some trainers, and you know who you are, will gloss over shit that they don’t know and it’s easy to do but in the long run it’s not good for anyone.

Anyway It’s Not Over Yet.

Next challenge. Tool arm, all I want to do is get it to rear it’s ugly head. It wont come out.

Tool Measurement arm please reveal yourself. Honestly this one is bonkers.

Have you guessed it yet?


You hold down the ready button (that’s the one that switches the machine on) and simultaneously press P SET and voila. It appears.


You just can’t know this stuff without a manual. Can’t blame the customer as he bought this machine at auction so it’s always a bit of a lottery.

Anyway once all the, shall we say “teething problems”, are out the way it’s time to have some fun.

Femco Let the Madness Begin

Measuring Tools

With the measuring arm down you can do what you want. So if you wanna smash or just bend this thing it’s dead easy.

Rapid Full Wack     TICK
High Feed                TICK
Index Turret           TICK
Index Turret Whilst Checking a Tool TICK  (I love this one)
Feed as fast as you want whilst checking tools TICK

Anyway that to one side at least it clears the the wear offset each time you check the tool. Which in my experience does not happen on all machines so beware.

It also jumps to the correct offset and displays the offset table. Some machines don’t even do this. Means you can measure the wrong tool mmm.

The tools on this turret are very close together. I mean it’s got 12 tools and they are crammed in. It’s like trying to breakdance in a Mumbai shopping centre on Black Friday. So extra care is needed.

Watch Out For

Tools hitting the chuck when proving out. Don’t forget that the tool you are watching has one sat right underneath it just waiting to kick you square on in the knackers when it clobbers the chuck.

Also when using tool measurement arm you can hit it underneath with the tool below. Now this shouldn’t happen but if you have some unusual weird tool that sticks out too far, it can hit.

When Measuring Tools Do This

Drive the tool in the opposite direction first. That way if you are in Rapid mode by mistake you will spot it.

It is also important to measure the tools at the same feed-rate. This ensures constant measurement and consistent figures.

Mazaks and the like just fix the feedrate when the arm is down so you automatically get the same feedrate regardless of dial position.

When I grow up (which people say I never will) I’m going to make a tool measurement arm that does all these things so you can’t trash it.

Always keep the rapid down real low when setting up a CNC machine.

No more than this.

Femco, It’s A Cool Dude

There is a massive difference between machines with regards to what they allow when using a measurement arm.

Like parents some let the kids do what the fuck they want and when they visit you your house gets trashed and you have to pretend it’s all ok (bastards).

This Femco HL 25N CNC Lathe is the “Hippy” of machine tools. It’s the laissez-faire, the “don’t give a flying fuck”, the “stay on ice man” machine tool. Anyway you get it.

It doesn’t have any respect for your welfare or your wallet. You wanna break this thing go ahead and do it, it’s cool with that.

Joking Aside

This Femco is a second hand machine bought at auction and I recon it’s half decent. The previous owner obviously looked after it. No battle scars, no dents in guards or cracked windscreens. Sounds lovely too, spindle nice n quiet and no axis noises.

Once you get your head around the weird protocol shit it’s easy. Just remember to press the buttons in the right order.

Setting the work offset is easy too. Call out the tool MDI (lay off the reset button) then press this


The work-shift screen will manifest.

Then press this.


You will see the work-shift figure update.

Job done just don’t press reset otherwise tool offset may be dumped and everything goes tits-up.

This Femco has Fanuc Oi TD

It has Macro which is great, oh and somebody changed the brackets around.  Just give me a minute I’ll explain.

On a Fanuc control like this it’s a pain the the arse to put comments into your programs. That’s because you have to press a million combinations of buttons to get to the curved brackets.

Anyway by changing a parameter you can make the square brackets into curved brackets making it all much easier.

Fanuc buried access to these extra buttons for brackets and commas and stuff like that deep in the bowels of the control. Without a metal detector and a private investigator they remain the fourth secret of Fatima. For my thick readers this link will save you googling this.


Well what can I say.  If this was 1980 I’d be saying these graphics are cool. Unfortunately they are in a time lock a nice way of saying crap.

Anyway I’ve done this rant a million times so I’m not repeating it as much as I know you want me to.

If you have graphics then I will always recommend their use.

If you make a daft typo type error or like me you forget that in G74 the Q value can’t have a decimal point. Then the graphics will show an alarm.


G74 Z-25. Q5. F.2:


G74 Z-25. Q5000 F.2:

This is way better than finding it at the prove-out stage.

You have to use machine lock and just run the program in memory as normal. Machine lock switch has to be pulled out to work (to stop you accidentally turning it on)

Use the feed potentiometer to speed up and slow down the graphics.

Be careful using graphics with machine lock. Zero return the machine BEFORE and AFTER use of machine lock.

Setting Speed In Manual on Femco

No need to program in MDI all you need is this.


Just be careful to leave it turned down or you may get a nasty shock when you start the spindle.


The turret is absolute “dog shit off a stick fast” so be careful. You can’t select individual tools so it’s a bit like playing roulette trying to get the tool you want. But at least it’s bloody quick. Shame there is no cuddly toy prize when you select the right tool with your first press of the button.

Inches “Oh my God”

For you Americans just say millimetres “holy goddam shit”.

The previous owner had this machine in inches. Now you can’t just program G21 it’s a common misconception. The G20 or G21 are just a check. It will just alarm out if you are in inches and you program G21 to mm. It’s like a shot across the bows, a warning.

Sorry suckers it’s a setting. Oh and to completely fuck you over it does not convert the program. It merely changes the decimal place. Useless. Other controls are available that convert. Never mind.


So just switch your machine into MDI and press away.

Oh just one thing before you go…… the machine must be at zero return when you do this.

What No G53, Femco Horror

Cover me in bat shite, this is bad. No fuckin goddam G53. Life can’t go on. Fanuc you guessed it, it’s a bloody option, can you believe it.

I use G53 all the time for sending the turret to a tool change position.

Now if you never heard of G53 don’t worry it’s OK. I got your back, yes you are a bit stupid you should know that but just take the time to read this, it’s for a machining centre but it works just as well on a lathe.

Honestly my friend it beats the shit out of G28.

Chamfer and Rads The Saving Grace

So glad it can add chamfers and rads to a program. Just add R3. to the end of a block and you will get a 3mm radius.

It works with C3. too to give you a 3mm 45 degree chamfer.

Important to note that the way this machine is set up you don’t use a comma.

G1 Z-20. F.1
X10. R3. 

Femco Sample code


G0 X50. Z0
G96 S200 M3

G1 X-1.6 F.1

G0 X200. Z200.


This is the way it was programmed before and I don’t really like it because that T0300 is a tool change and if you altered the tool number you might forget to change that one too BANG BANG

That’s why I’d sooner have G53.

The jury’s out, send me your suggestions.

Femco HL 25N Editing Fanuc Oi TD

This Fanuc Oi TD control has copy and paste and it’s easy to copy a program (if a bit convoluted) and there is a USB for saving programs.

Just press and hold the shift key to send a screen shot to the memory stick. You get a nice picture of the screen on your USB.

Very small memory by today’s standards, but on a two axis lathe you must be a greedy bastard if you run out.

Sorry Mr Femco

I like this machine, honestly I hadn’t heard of it before but they have been around for years.

The Femco brand from South Korea has been around for a long time, it stand for Far Eastern Machinery Company. So now I get it. Sorry for the cheap joke but if you read my stuff you’ll know about my infantile sense of humour.

I couldn’t resist a cheap joke. Maybe he’ll change the name to something more catchy like Anusol CNC, just and idea.

Thanks for reading. Love you all.






How do you become a CNC machinist?

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For On-site CNC Training Contact David: 0783 858 407

How do you become a CNC Machinist ?

For On-site CNC Training Contact David: 0783 858 407


Every day at the CNC Training Centre we get calls from people wanting to get a job as a CNC Programmer or CNC Machinist .

We can’t get you a job but we can get you started on the path.

That’s why we put these courses together.

These courses are designed to get you started on CNC Machining.

If you are a beginner and want to do a hands on course that teaches you to become a setter operator then try these two courses. These are ideal if you think you can get a start on the ladder and don’t want to jump in at the deep end.

Setter Operator Beginners Turning

Setter Operator Beginners Milling

For absolute beginners with no experience at all. Looking to start a career in CNC Machining..

Beginners CNC Machining

If you work on a CNC machine already and you want to advance by learning some programming skills then look at these two courses.

Learn to Programme Basic Milling 

Learn to Programme Basic Turning

I’ve read enough just let me Apply Now


It’s important to realise that there is absolutely no guarantee that you will get a job at the end of this training.

Or a company car.

Read to the end of the article for the good news.

These are two day courses but it will take years to become a skilled machinist.

Beginners CNC Turning

CNC Machinist

Beginners CNC Milling

CNC Machinist

These courses are for people who have little or no experience and the idea is to get you on the first rung of the ladder.

Starting with moving the machine around in Manual Mode.

CNC Machinist

To creating simple programmes.


CNC Machinist


You’ll learn some basics about measuring equipment.

CNC MachinistCNC Machinist

And we’ll teach you about the common materials used in manufacturing.

Well maybe not gold but steel, brass, aluminium and stainless steel.

I served my time at Rolls Royce as an apprentice circa 1971 (do the maths I’m a real old git).

Well maybe not that old.

It took four years before you could even start as a proper engineer. Even then there was a kind of unwritten rule that you still needed a fair bit of time before you actually would be any good.

In them days there weren’t many people who could call themselves a CNC Machinist. That technology was in its infancy.

There were over 200 apprentices at Rolls Royce then. If you add to that all the other companies in Coventry alone. The pool was massive.

Manufacturing was destroyed in the UK in the 1980’s. Let’s not get political. But it isn’t any better now.



Before I put you off all together and you start looking into hairdressing let’s give you the good news.

The Good News

There is a huge demand for CNC Programmers, Machinists, Setters and Operators. That means it’s a good trade to be in.

Employers are inclined to take more of a risk as a result.

More Good News

There are no filters. Engineering is still old school if you can do it you’ll more than likely get the job.

In the smaller companies no-one cares too much about what qualifications you have if you can do the job.

Please don’t quote me on this it’s just an observation.

So that means if you’re a quick learner and you study hard you got a good chance.

Suggestion To Become a CNC Machinist

Do anything you can to get started in a small CNC Machine shop.

Cleaning up, making the tea anything. There is a good chance if you keep getting in the way, one day when they are really busy you’ll get a chance to run a CNC machine.

Mine is a single-shot-caramel-soya-latte in a Chevron Denby cup.

The number one criteria is to be reliable!!

Of course you need to keep reading the articles on this website.

Colleges are a good place to get the basic training as an engineer but you’re probably not in a position to go to full time college.

You may well have to take a drop in salary to get started but try not to think about the money.

That’s easy for me to say. What I mean by that is if you get any opportunity to learn then grab it. It may mean working over or coming in at the weekend but….

The learning is yours forever.

We offer onsite training and before I start working with my students I always talk to them about their own personal development.

The company they work for is spending a lot of cash to train them and will gain massively from the training. The student will be a lot more valuable as an employee.

That student may even get a pay rise.

The real gain

Knowledge is power.

Now I don’t mean you can go and invade some rich oil state or become a judge on the X Factor.

(Yes that is me) but I ‘m not trying to sell records today.

Your value on the job market is now much higher so every opportunity to learn you need to take. Don’t get me wrong a pay rise is lovely and not to be sniffed at but it’s only as good as it lasts. When you lose your job there is no guarantee you will get paid as much in your next position.

What I always say to students is that if they get made redundant they will gladly pay for college courses or training courses. They will in fact expect to pay.

So when offered any kind of training in the workplace keep this in mind. That is if you want to become a CNC Machinist.

When you get a chance to go onto a new machine or learn don’t hesitate. Yes you are helping the company but even if they don’t realise that think if your own personal development.

Remember knowledge is power.

Beginners CNC Turning

CNC Machinist

Beginners CNC Milling

CNC Machinist

So what you waiting for? Apply Now

Thanks for reading

 Contact Us

Siemens Sinumerik 840d 828 training


Ten Things You Might Not Know About The Fanuc Sub Program

Sub Program Fanuc

Here are ten things you might not know about Fanuc sub programs,

Fanuc CNC controls are the most common controls in the world so it might be useful to have a good understanding of how sub programs are called and used.

(1) You Can Call a Sub Program By Name.

Yes you heard it here the program can be called by it’s name or it’s number. When calling by name don’t use the P.

Just put the name of the program in these things <> with an M98 and your away.


The only problem with this is that the syntax needs to be spot on so if you have got complicated names for your your sub routines then you might be in the shit.

I always call mine names like ALBERT that are easy to remember.

(2) You can use internal sub routines on a Fanuc Control.

Some people call these local sub programs. It just means it’s tagged on the end of your program which makes them nice n easy to look after. A bit like a pet Goldfish or a pet fly.

I bought mine from the local pet store. I asked the assistant if he sold pet flies and he said no. I said “well there are loads in the window”.

Anyway he sold me one (£15) his name is Paul


This is not him this is Steve.

Internal Sub-Routines

By typing M98 Q500 your control will look for N500 within your current program. This is great because you can add the sub programs to the end of your main program. Don’t forget to leave big gaps so you can clearly see where and what they are. Oh and mind your P’s and Q’s.

M98 P500 (Call O500 externally)

M98Q500 (Call N500 in main program.

Oh and read this too.

Sub Program

Just one other thing. Watch your n numbers it’s easy to get them mixed up. Try and use a convention.

This Is What I Do

N1-N99 (Tool change lines)
N26 M6 T26

N100 to N900 (Local Sub routines)

N1000 to N9999 (Anything else)

(3) You Can Jump Back To a Specific N Number

If you put a P at the end of your sub program next to the M99 after completing the sub program it will return to the main program at the corresponding N number.

M99 P800 will make it return to N800 in the main program it came from.

Sub Program

The above example calls sub program O500 when it gets to M99 it returns to the main program. The P800 means it will return at the line N800

Oh by the way I think this is useless but if you can think of a use please let me know.

(4) There Are Two Ways to Call a Sub Program

M98 P500 L4 (Call program O500 four times.

M98 P40500 (Call program O500 four times) watch out as the digits need to be the correct number.

The last four digits are the program number. The digits before them are the number of repetitions.

There must be four digits for the program number so you need the leading zeros (0500).

Sub Program

This method is a bit convoluted but at least I’ve included it and you never know when you might come across it.

I suggest always use the same method.

(5) M99 Has More Than One Use

M99 normally ends a sub-program but it can also be used in a main program to make it continuous. If you replace M30 (Stop and rewind) with M99 the program will constantly loop around. This is useful for multi pallet machines and barfed lathes.

Oh and don’t forget the EOB or you’ll get an alarm.

M99 ;

(6) You can use M99 to Jump over a Section of Code

M99 P100 will jump to N100

Impress your mates with this one it saves an awful lot of block skips


Sub Program

(7) You Can Call Sub-Programs From The MDI Screen

M98 P500 L6 (Call program O500 six Times)

This will work fine in MDI

(8) You Can Use a G or M Code to Call a Sub-Program

You can use a G Code alias to call a sub program. By setting certain parameters you can create your own G code which will then call a program specified by certain parameters.

Read this article

(9) You Can Have an Movement on the Line That Calls a Sub-Program

Although I have often shit my pants proving out programs, I mean an XY or Z movement not a a bowel movement.

X50. M98 P500 machine will move to X50. then call out the sub program.

(10) On your check screen it will show you how many times you have entered your sub program.

Each time you enter a sub program your control will show you a count down.

(11) You Can Call Sub Programs that are Not in Your Current Folder

When you call sub programs the control will look in your current folder. If it is in a different folder you can still call it.

<//from cnc memory/folder/folder/program>

Sub Program

The format for this is really important.

Also you will get a format error when you try and type it in. Easy fix….. go to CHANGE EDITOR

I have nearly 27,000 followers on LinkedIn and it has some real perks. One is that when I couldn’t get this to work. A quick post on LinkedIn got me some clues many thanks to Volker Hänig.

Shit, that’s 11 things.

Try to ignore one of them so there are only 10, maybe the one you already knew



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