Haas Search Brackets (Find Code in Brackets)

Haas Search Brackets (Find Code in Brackets)

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Haas Search Brackets. Everyone knows I am a fan of Haas machines I can often be found in the kitchen at parties boring the ass off of everyone talking about all the exciting things that they can do.Haas Search Brackets

Most people don’t have a clue what I’m on about as most of my friends are hairdressers, taxidermists or pornstars.

Anyway today I’m going to bore you with what I consider another master stroke from Mr Haas.

Be honest have you ever wanted to search for something that is in a bracket? Admit it you have haven’t you.

It’s a bit like searching for your phone when you left it in the fridge.

O0001 (David’s CNC Programme)

T05 M06 (20mm Endmill)

G90 G00 G54 X50. 50. S1500 M03
G43 Z3. H05 M08

G81 G98 Z-20. R1. F100.

T06 M06 (50 mm Face mill was T07)



If your answer to the above question was no then you are on the wrong website go buy a new car or something it’s way more exciting.

Anyway it’s easy. If you wanted to find the T07 in the code above, see it there hiding away in those brackets?

T06 M06 (50 mm Face mill was T07)

Haas Search Brackets Here’s How

Anyway all you need to do is type (T07) then press your lower cursor. In other words parenthesise the T07.

Just showing off to my younger readers, or just plain thick readers, parenthesise means put it in brackets.

Haas Search Brackets

Sorry about the shit picture but I’m on a very tight budget here.

How easy is that?

Authors Note

I’ve been thinking about this one and I can’t really think of where you might use it. Sorry for wasting your time.

Thanks for watching and reading

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